Tuesday, June 25, 2013

VEGAN LONDON: Ha Ha Veggie Bar

Around the bend from Cookies and Scream (swoon!) is the Ha Ha Veggie Bar.

As you can (almost) see, they serve veg staples like burgers, hot dogs, and falafel: nothing terribly exciting.  Please do note that they are not a vegan establishment; their mayo is vegan, but for some reason they choose to offer cow cheese as an option.

view from outside; they seem to do a steady business

We'd actually been recommended against this place, but decided to grab two hot dogs just because we wanted a savory snack and figured it would be fun.

view from inside; I was surprised by all the big-brand beverages

See?  Cookies and Scream is a mere glance away.

The dog was warmed up on an open-air, portable griddle alongside other orders of crunchy-granola looking burgers, grilled onions, buns, etc.  It was served with ketchup, mustard, and the afore-mentioned onions; it was just a-right. 

Nothing to write home about, but no harm no foul.  New Yorkers just like to grab a dog now and then.  

I promise I was wearing different outfits under my coat.

To read a more eventful review of Ha Ha, I recommend that you check out the post in QuarryGirl's archives.


  1. Odd that they would have cow cheese. It's kind of like our vegan Chinese place that serves fortune cookies made with eggs. It sounds like you had a more normal experience than quarrygirl did. Whew.

  2. I DO like a good dog now and then, and the time is upon us (GRILLING SEASON). They look good enough. Was this before or after you scored at Cookies and Scream?
    I appreciate that you managed a picture of you enjoying the dog without actually showing yr face!

  3. Andrea, It's about time I had a better experience than other people somewhere, right!? The cheese thing was odd, but there are a few vegan places around NYC that offer cow's milk for coffee. They say if they didn't have it, the omnis wouldn't come in at all and wouldn't ever try the grub. I don't buy it. The fortune cookies are just weird. PF Changs says their cookies are vegan and they're the best fortune cookies I've ever had.

    foodfeud- AFTER! I was so full of sweets; I practically required something salty and savory. Believe me; if I could have fit in any more C&S I would have; damn that was some good eatin. Gotta maintain my anonymity!! ;-)


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