Saturday, June 29, 2013

Horns (vegan eats near Vegan Treats)

Let me preface this post by saying this: Horns is not vegan; they are a burger joint with some dandy vegan options.  I want to make this clear so that, should you find yourself there, you don't eye the decorative cleavers and other, assorted, butcher-related paraphernalia and immediately think bad things about me.  [UPDATE 12/5/13: After what's being described as a "friendly debate" with Vegan Treats' own Danielle Konya, Horns has removed all of the taxidermied animals from their decor! Bravo to Danielle for being super and to Horns for being swell.] Concentrate on the good: like their vegan burger:


I'd passed Horns a couple of times while in the area (not far from Vegan Treats and the Sands Casino), but it looked a little rustic for my taste.

But, once inside, aside from the afore mentioned cleavers and other various nods to decidedly non-vegan fare, I was happy to find the decor was actually extremely clean and quite charming- minus the "trophies" which I convinced myself were fake.

Upon arrival, you choose your own seat and a member of the Horns' staff brings you a menu and explains that you can order at the counter (where specials are listed on a great big chalkboard) on the faaaar end of the restaurant whenever you're ready.  There, you'll find "Super Duper Filtered H2O" available for $0.50, bottled drinks, or unsweetened house iced tea (3 flavors) and lemonade.


You bring your drinks back to the table with you.

they have agave!

But, the food is delivered- all in various sized metal receptacles lined with paper.

While not described as such, the woman who took our order assured us that the shoe-string onion straws: "hand-cut and fried, made to order" were vegan.  There are enough here to feed ten people.

Because we had no idea the side portions would be so large, we also ordered the fresh cut french fries: with chives, truffle oil, sea salt.  Also a huge portion, but I did a pretty good number on them if I do say so myself.

My friend chose the vegan burger: lentils, almonds, edamame, dried porcini, cous cous, vegetable slaw, spicy pomegranate ketchup and pea shoots on and 8 grain roll.  It was impressive and she enjoyed it- especially the housemade ketchup. 

With Memorial Day right around the corner I knew there were a lot of veggie burgers in my future, so I chose the vegan sloppy joe: tofu, mushrooms, sweet peppers and onions in housemade sloppy joe sauce, served on an 8 grain roll.  I'm happy to report that it was as delicious as it was sloppy.  My friend wasn't feeling the pea shoots, but I have to say that they lent a nice crunch and bit of freshness to the rich, sweet sammie contents.

Horns mission is to serve local, fresh food.  A chalkboard in the dining room lists the nearby farms where they acquire their fruits, vegetables, bread...and meat/dairy.  They do not pretend to be a vegan establishment; instead, they simply offer local, fresh, vegan food as an element of their repertoire.  While I'm a sucker for all-vegan restaurants, I also appreciate the thought behind such impressive offerings and execution in an omnivorous restaurant.

Incidentally, this is how I like my cows.


  1. I find myself in omni places more often than not, it is what it is. Usually not places with "trophies" in the wall, though. That sounds a bit unsettling. It's nice that Horns had more than one option for vegans, though.
    The fried onions and fries look like a meal in themselves. I do enjoy a good classic cruelty-free burger and fries meal every once in a while.

  2. foodfeud- you're right; it's inevitable that we find ourselves in non-vegan establishments. This place in particular made me feel really guilty b/c of the seeming glorification of the butcher, but such thoughtful vegan options deserve mucho kudos in my book.

  3. Actually, I find the name of the place a bit unsettling, assuming it refers to bull (and other) horns. But not the fact that they serve animal things. I share your enthusiasm for vegan restaurants, but also for places that put thought into creating delicious vegan choices. And while I don't make deep-fried things at home, I do enjoy occasionally indulging when out to eat. The onions and fries look good, as do the sandwiches.

  4. on one hand, I'm so mad, because we were in bethlehem yesterday getting treats and house hunting, and we ended up eating at a taco bell in phillipsburg because I didn't know where else to eat. On the other hand, woo hoo, because we still have to go back to finalize our wedding order, and we're trying to move to bethlehem. Filed under ideas for next time....

  5. I can't imagine you in a place with "trophies" on the walls... How in the world did you find this place?

  6. Andrea, I was wondering if omni people find that kind of decor endearing in some way? I dunno. But I still give 'em lots of credit.

    Melios, Sorry I wasn't a few days sooner with the review! There are so many cute houses in Bethlehem; I hope you find the one of your dreams!

    BYOL, If memory serves, VT shouted them out a long while back and it's been on my radar ever since. I don't know of an all vegan (or all vegetarian, for that matter) place in the vicinity. In the meantime, I kept my eyes down.

  7. those sprouty burger toppings look delicious as do the hand cut fries!


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