Monday, June 10, 2013

VEGAN LONDON: Cookies and Scream

I've been blogging my trip to London in chronological order, but I have to admit that I've been delaying this Cookies and Scream post because I've been consciously trying to forget that they exist; the temptation is too great.  Cookies and Scream is a vegan (we knew that going in) and gluten-free (we didn't know that going in) bakery that offers an incredible array of decadent sweets that are too good to believe.  Like them on Facebook to get an idea of what they have on offer from day to day, but I warn you: it will be sweet torture.

C&S is located within the Camden Lock Market, a large indoor/outdoor, both-sides-of-the-street, arts and crafts (also crap) market.

I was more than a little anxious at the prospect of finding Cookies and Scream amidst the chaos, but my traveling companion has a significantly superior sense of direction than I.

that's my kind of bar

Ta da!!

Loves it.

I had no idea that the options were going to be this vast and impressive.  The gals who were working could not have been friendlier with us or more patient with me and my ogling.  It was fabulous to have the opportunity to enjoy such spectacular baked goods while watching them create more right before our eyes.  If I lived in London, I dare say one of those stools would have a permanent imprint from my butt.

How I wished I wasn't freezing; I'm sure these scream shakes are amazing.

My friend chose the mosh! brownie: mint and chocolate.  You'll notice it says right there on the sign "try warm with cream mmm," but he didn't!

He did, thankfully, at least agree to have the brownie warmed.  Holy moly it was ridiculous.  I don't generally like brownies and I rarely like mint chocolate, but this?  This was a different galaxy of both.  OUTSTANDING.

It's no surprise that I immediately gravitated towards the chico pie: "peanut butter pie with chocolate chips- yum warmed with cream."  And I followed the directions!

This.  Cake.  Was.  Wow.  You well know that I reserve my gluten-free baking love for Gone Pie in America.  In England it's Cookies & Scream all the way.  You'd never know it was vegan and you'd never know it was gluten-free; I hope the two bakers meet one day; in the meantime, I'll continue to feed my face on both sides of the pond.

peep my pin

I'm getting full just thinking about it.  First of all, my piece was gigantic.  Second, it was warmed to just the right temperature so that the chips melted at the slightest fork pressure while the ice cream resisted.  Third, I would buy these by the whole pie if I were closer.  Stunning accomplishment; really. 

Would you believe it was so rich that I had to order a tea because a hot chocolate would have put me over the edge?  That's rich.  I chose chamomile and they seemed very proud to serve teapigs, so I'll plug 'em here.

I'm sorry to have to tell you that with a full day ahead of us; no fridge in our overly-heated hotel room; and three more days of vacation, I was not in a position to buy out the shop and call it a day.  I did, however, manage to buy a wookie to take home to my parents.  And, I may have tasted it along with them- upon my return, just to make sure that it was still okay.

It was more than okay; it was a cross between a baked good and a candy bar and it was PHENOMENAL.  Chewy wookie bar: double choc-chip, raisins, whole hazelnuts, thick chocolate; it survived without incident and was as amazing as the other things I'd tried, but in a completely different way.  In fact, the same can be said for everything I tasted from Cookies and Scream: original and outstanding.

this is the best photo I can take after an 8 hour flight

One more thing.  My friend bought one of the recommended Scream Sandwiches: two choc chip cookies sandwiched together with coconut and vanilla frosting to go...and I did not.  I don't really like frosting;  and, even though it was explained to us that the frosting inside tasted like ice cream, I did not believe that such magic could be true.  There are some mistakes in life that you cannot undo; this was one of those mistakes. Thankfully, being the good friend that he is, he allowed me to have a taste.  It turned out that the bakery-soft, melt-in-your-mouth cookies did, indeed, sandwich "frosting" that managed to- inexplicably, taste like ice cream.  Believe me when I tell you: run, don't walk to buy a dozen of these if you can.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is worth the trip to London just for Cookies & Scream.  I sometimes have to block them from my social media feeds because the things they are describing sound way too good and they are much too far away.


If you go to the Camden London Market for nothing else, go for Cookies and Scream.  And PLEASE bring me back one of everything.  In the meantime: Cookies and Scream, would you consider delivery? 

London Tip: When you get off the tube, you'll pass tented areas that say "Camden Market;" this is not what you're looking for; keep moving down the street!


  1. Okay, I want this. Specifically the mint brownie. Oh man.
    So the "cream" on top of the warmed treats was ice cream? I probably would have expected heavy whipping cream. Or, it being London, clotted cream, though I'm not sure what that is.
    It all looks delicious. And haha - a permanent imprint on the cookie bar stools! It's funny...because it's true.

  2. I can't believe I live so close to this place and haven't been yet. I have been drooling over their instagram account...must hit them up soon!

  3. foodfeud, It was obvious that it was ice cream, but I don't remember how/why; it was a blur!

    quarrygirl, please, please, please eat a million things on my behalf and I promise to do the same for you at the Cinnamon Snail.

  4. You've even convinced me, someone who doesn't care about sweets and who generally ignores vegan bakeries, that I should book a trip to London just to try this one.

  5. Abby,

    Cookies and Scram was by far my favorite and most enjoyable sweet eats in London. The baked goods were moist and delicious without that gluten-free aftertaste. When I return to London, my hotel will me within walking distance of the markets.

  6. Andrea, it was THAT good: promise.

    My Vegan Gut, You don't like traveling with cupcakes? BYOC!


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