Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Best Ice Cream Shop in the Universe

There's a new ice cream shop at 516 E 6th Street (between Avenues A & B) and it's fabulous.  It's also, like many creative endeavors, as-yet-untitled.  No matter.  Because it's FABULOUS.  I'd call it The Best Ice Cream Shop in the Universe.


As I enjoyed my own sundae outside, I had the opportunity to watch as- one after another, passersby did a double take when they noticed this simple sign in the window.  Then they'd glance at the delicacies being consumed all around them: a group of children enjoying cones of varying flavors to the right; singles and groups with shakes and flurries to the left.  Quickly they'd hurry inside for their own treat.

Inside.  A stunning antique rose adorns the walls and warmly frames the rustic, unparalleled style elements.

Gorgeous wood floors, a beautifully stained table, and these iconic stools (taking me back to Figure Drawing 101) all increase the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the shop.

Details.  It's a fact, I don't believe I've ever seen Gone Pie's vegan, gluten-free baked goods displayed quite so eloquently.

Not to mention other favorites: locals Sweet & Sara, as well as Go Max Go candy bars at the ready.

But let's get back to me.  Or, more to the point, my sundae: the smoothest, creamiest ice cream I believe I've ever enjoyed: double chocolate chip and peanut butter chip with hot fudge, graham crackers, rainbow sprinkles (!), whipped cream and a cherry.  It's been too long since a sundae has found its way into my belly and the caliber of this one was unmatched-- as was the superbly friendly service.

But don't take my word for it.  Choose your confection...

...and some adornments for yourself.

Note, for now:

516 E 6th Street!!!

Do yourself the favor as soon as possible.

I'll see you there.  Chances are 89 will be there too. 

And, unlike me, she can be bought with a spoonful of vanilla.


  1. Well, I'm not s huge ice cream fan but always glad for a Gone Pie/ Sweet and Sara outpost. Bonus points on the decor. Does it being open only 4 days a week mean you'll be splitting time with Lula's?

  2. Awww man. Such limited hours for now. :*(

    Sometimes I'm tired of having 'healthy meal'. Is it wrong to have dessert for lunch? :)

  3. this place looks familiar....


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