Friday, August 23, 2013

Vegan-Friendly, Dog-Friendly NYC

I had a lot on my agenda last Saturday; since it was a beautiful day, I decided to take 89 with me and figured we'd just get to as much as possible.  Our goal was to, at least, visit  Mooshoes, the Integral Yoga Day for your Health Street Fair, and The Best Ice Cream Shop in the Universe.  Although she wasn't with us, we started the day at VM's favorite coffee shop, The Bean (no relation).


Perhaps because we arrived really early there weren't many dogs for 89 to chat with.


Instead, she gazed out the window while I enjoyed my chai.

Someone came up to tell me what a well-behaved dog she was.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Faker.

Since we were already running early, we decided to stop by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics,


a 100% vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics store.

I went to pick up some of their super creamy tinted moisturizer for VM, but I accidentally bought some nail polish while I was there as well.

Next stop: Mooshoes, where they were having a fantastic summer sale.


Trust a vegan shoe and accessory shop (and event space) to have snacks: courtesy of Dunwell Donuts.


Also, friends.


I'd gone with the intention of getting a new bag, but instead got sucked in by adorable flats from Cri de Coeur.  Besides their awesome stock and friendly staff, it is a pleasure shopping at MooShoes because you don't have to read a single content label.  But, old habits die hard.

sans animaux!
Other shoppers were venturing into the cooler weather footwear and, before I knew it, I'd added a fall boot to my stack as well.  Thinking ahead!

I finally used the gift certificate that 89 won for placing in the MooShoes photo contest a short while back.

I'll note that 89 was especially thrilled to share it, as they don't actually sell dog shoes at MooShoes (not a loss: we've tried them; she's not a fan).

MooShoes always has the best stuff.

And consistent messaging!


We met another dog a few doors down and said hello.  She was a nudist.


After that we headed to the Integral Yoga Day for your Health Street Fair.  We were passing a friend's house just as she was leaving, so we all went together.  It was more crowded with vendors and attendees than I can recall of their past events and the attendees were pretty aggressive in their pursuit of samples.  This was surprising, because I've never had that experience at the Vegan Shop-Up.

I was anxious to meet up with friends find Cake Thieves, as they had advertised that they were going to have a build-your-own cinnamon bun station; I ran over to get one.

I used to think I didn't like cinnamon buns, but that was crazy talk.  I love cinnamon sugar; what I don't like is that grody icing that usually drowns the goodness of the bun.


Cake Thieves always has great cinnamon bun flavors that enhance the cinnamon bun, rather than drench and disguise.


For my toppings, I chose to enhance with chocolate ganache...


and peanut butter cups, which were nice and melty from the sun (Cake Thieves has a knack for this).  Some friends (and strangers) were marveling at the generous helping of double chocolate, but I ate every drop.  Back off, haters.


It was SO good.  It was THIS good.

buns are for people, not dogs!!

89 is trying to take her modeling career to the next level, so she made me take this shot in the hopes that Cake Thieves will hire her for future gigs.

Lest you think 89 didn't have anything to eat, rest assured that she mightily enjoyed herself a slice of watermelon: barely containing her excitement while I removed the pits.

I should also note that we had to fend off a stranger who tried to give her a liver treat.  Vegan dog at a vegetarian event: educate yourself!

Gone Pie Vegan Bakery was representing at the event (you can always find their treats at Integral Yoga): sharing a booth with their favorite organization, Friends of Animals.

Friends of Animals had shirts, hats, cookbooks, stickers, and memberships.

And Gone Pie had the grubMini pecan pies, PBCRRBNBBs, and chocolate cobblers...

The zesty mini orange fig cake was so springy and full of sweet figs that it was hard to share.

Our special order macaroons dipped in chocolate were also a treat!

While we were there, 89- as she so often does, rented out some advertising space to Gone Pie.  Then she took her first nap of the day behind the booth, forfeiting payment for services rendered.


After visiting the Amy's Kitchen and Compassionate Couture booths, it was time to head out. 

more shopping

I'm pretty sure I was more exhausted than 89, so I swung by Beyond Sushi to get some takeout before heading home.  This sign was getting A LOT of attention outside.

Because I wouldn't dream of it the paparazzi doesn't leave her alone, I couldn't leave 89 outside while I ordered my food.  So, I stuck my head in the shop, explained my predicament, and an employee kindly came right to the door to take my order!  She brought me the bill, took my credit card, and even told me what flavor juices were available that day.  Then she wrapped mine extremely well for transport and delivered everything with efficiency and a smile.

It never looks as pretty when you take it home, but it always tastes just as good!  I ordered our usual suspects: La Fiesta, Pickle Me, and Sweet Tree.  Also, the August roll of the month: black rice, grilled haricot vert, roasted okra, green slaw (kale, parsley, & roasted sesame seeds), dusted with porcini mushrooms.

Thanks so much, Beyond Sushi: impeccable food and service!


Truth be told, I wasn't heading home just yet.  Guess why?


Yep, I couldn't end my day without a visit to The Best Ice Cream Shop in the Universe.  Still with 89, I again placed my order from the door and within moments it too was delivered right to me.  The nicest people work at The Best Ice Cream Shop in the Universe, you know.  Here it is, the best ice cream float of all time: root beer float with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream

this disappeared in seconds

When I was a kid we took a school trip to the Bronx Zoo.  It was really hot out and I spent most of the morning thinking about the grape juice Sips juicebox that my mom had packed for me.  When lunch came I was parched, but when I took what I'd expected to be my first long sip, it disappeared.  To this day I'm not sure if the juice really evaporated or if I was just that thirsty; this float was a similar experience.

At this point we were really ready to head home.  But I had met a friend on the way to TBICSITU, and she was meeting some of our other friends for dinner.  I had declined the invitation earlier in the day, but was feeling pretty good: I was full of ice cream, 89's behavior was stellar, and I wanted to hang out!  It did also occur to me that it was probably a good idea to eat a non-sweet-based meal.  So, off to Benny's Burritos we went (more on Benny's soon).

Our group was welcomed to the outside seating area where another dog was already dining [UPDATE 10/10/13: B-B-B-Benny and the Pets (just thought of that one)].  But 89 wasn't feeling sociable; we no sooner sat down that she fell asleep.


When our burritos arrived, I simply replaced my arm with my pocketbook for a pillow and tucked her under the table. 

Then I dug in!  They have quite a few veg options at Benny's, but I always go for the non-dairy burrito: with black beans, brown rice, salsa fresca, and vegan soy cheese in a whole wheat tortilla with tofu sour cream and salsa on the side.


I was still a little dehydrated from the day, so a watermelon margarita on Avenue A was in order: fresh watermelon margarita: tequila, fresh blended watermelon, fresh lime juice and Triple Sec served on the rocks.

89 woke up some time around Happy Hour, but remained chill.


But then it was truly time to go home.  And 89 was happy to get there.

So that was our vegan-friendly, dog-friendly always: support vegan-owned businesses!

UPDATE: I received this great text from a friend the following day.

Pine Box was the only thing missing from the weekend.


  1. Abby,

    89 is America's next top model!

  2. great day! That burrito picture makes me wish I had stuck it out a bit longer and joined for dinner.

    ps- Cake Thieves is crazy if they don't hire 89!

  3. The photo of 89 in the obsessive compulsive window is a real classic. You should find a contest to enter it in. Your version of a personalized cinnamon bun is also a classic. I'm with you, there, the white icing is creepy — chocolate is so much more appropriate.

    My husband is in NYC right now and I told him to try to find the cinnamon snail. He did, but it was 40 blocks away and he didn't want to go in spite of my urging. He went to Blossom. I also told him to go to Beyond Sushi, but who knows what he'll do.

  4. What a fantastically full and dog-friendly day. Jealous of pretty much everything.
    I've been by OCC but never inside, but I love that silver nail polish you got.
    Haven't been to Benny's Burritos in a long, long time but yr burrito is definitely making me hungry.
    The employees in Beyond Sushi always seem really nice. I remember seeing that okra roll of the month.. thanks for the reminder. Looks like Beyond Sushi will happen in the next week or so...

  5. My Vegan Gut- Wow! Ha ha; thanks.

    BYOL- Seriously. To both comments.

    Andrea- I should take a better look at the "series;" I was just concentrating on getting as much of the sign visible as possible, but the reflection IS pretty cool. Oh man, your husband definitely should have travelled for Snail food! I've crossed state lines on multiple occasions... The Blossoms are on my bad list of late, so I'll be anxious to hear what he has to say. Posts coming soon... I'd like to think that maybe he just doesn't want to go without you and a joint trip is in order soon?

    foodfeud- OCC is really small and most of the stuff is way too bright for me, so it's easy to pick what I want! Yeah, Benny's post coming soon; how have I not blogged about them? Oldie but goodie. A friend reminded me of the August Beyond Sushi roll; that's why I went (slightly) out of my way to get there. I hope you make it!

  6. He loved Blossom, where he had a quinoa salad. Said there wasn't enough time to get to the Snail.

  7. 89 is striking some serious poses - no wonder there's paps everywhere.

    Reading all that lot make me want to grow an extra stomach and work my way through all those cakes. I might grow a third just for the cinnamon buns...

  8. I love your dog! I live in NYC too, but can't have a dog :(


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