Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 1: Stuffed Cabbage, Jelly Donut Cupcakes, Vegan Bon-Bons, and a Surprise

Welcome to A (new) Soy Bean experience. 

For starters, I am officially a Vegan MoFo-er.  Click here to find out the intricacies of what that means. Essentially, as far as I'm concerned, it means that, starting today, I will be blogging daily for the month of October.  I know what you're thinking, "How will she do it?"  I will.  For you, I will.

But that's not all.

In honor of this excitement, behold my recent raspberry, jelly donut cupcakes; recipe courtesy of Veganomicon (p.253-4).

Other than that, I do have a surprise up my sleeve for tomorrow.  Let's just say that my normal blogging feasts might be put on hold while I embark upon a new kind of adventure.

But let's concentrate on the grub for now.  Last night VM prepared an amazing vegan meal for dinner: stuffed cabbage!

This is a once-a-decade treat, so I truly take a picture because it will last longer.  It's just a shame they're not slightly more photogenic.

For dessert I contributed...almond bites!  I know this seems kind of insulting amusing, seeing as she went to all that work & I just went to the store, but have you guys tried these things?  They are scary good.  I have not stopped eating them since a certain SL brought them to my attention.  Seriously, I bought the Living Social Whole Foods coupon with the full intention of buying 4 pints of bites and I don't regret it.  Think of bon-bons, only better: vegan and a higher ratio of chocolate to ice cream.  Win-win, my friends.

That's all for now; I can't very well give you everything at once if you're going to get another post so quickly.  So, just to recap, a surprise is in store for tomorrow; see you then!


  1. All of this food looks amazing!

  2. Happy Vegan MoFo :) I made those jelly donut cupcakes last February and loved them. I didn't follow the directions with the first batch though and used the "good" stuff. They were all right, but the second batch, featuring the "cheap stuff," was pretty spectacular. I'll have to check out the Almond Bites--I've never seen them before!

  3. Abby,

    I don't want to push my luck here, but I wouldn't mind a little stuffed cabbage added to my Dec stash... Feel free to remove something to make room. Thank you for being you. And good luck with your Oct adventure. This Vegan Gut will be lurking in the background.

  4. The stuffed cabbage looks really, really tasty!

  5. Thank you, Isobelle. If there's one thing we do right, it's food!

    Bobbie, and to you! Oh the Almond Bites; don't say I didn't warn you.

    MVG, VM is sweating bullets over here now b/c she's afraid she's not worthy. But you now have a roll with your name on it. Next you should ask her for her car & she'll probably give you that too. xoxo

    Thanks, Kath; it was great!

  6. I've always wanted to make those jelly donut cupcakes. Were they difficult? Messy? Tasty?

  7. Wow! Those jelly donut cupcakes are calling my name. I haven't made them in years! Mmm.

  8. There's a good reason why stuffed cabbage only happens once a year ... or less. It takes at least that long to forget how horrible it was to make. VM deserves something special for making them. Almond bites, on the other hand, could occur much more frequently. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. I think.

  9. FF- Make the cupcakes; SO EASY! And I'm super lazy so you can take my word for it. Also, an uber crowd pleaser (especially in an office where chocolate is not the #1 preference- weirdos).

    Mo- Do it! FYI, I experimented with apricot as well and it was a hit.

    Andrea, shhh! I keep telling VM to buck up ;-) This is a woman who has seriously considered replacing her stove with a vending machine. Not that she needs the practice, but because she's that good- she needs to cook more often & doesn't need any commiseration! Also, she owes you a matzoh ball soup recipe. Good luck with the bites. When the store is out of stock you'll either find yourself relieved...or throwing a tantrum. I've decided the latter burns more calories.


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