Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 29: Back to My Routine: A Study in Beige

On top of all of the meal prep-work, another time-consuming thing about the CSD cleanse was that there was a lot of chewing; meals tended not to be things I could consume in front of the computer.  While that's not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes I don't want each and every meal to be a ceremony.  So, with that said, yesterday I harkened back to my regular, daily, efficient, eating routine to see how it would go.

For breakfast: pumpkin flax granola cereal with (vanilla) soy milk.  As soon as I poured everything into the bowl I thought, "beige".  But, it was good, simple, and I only needed a little to fill me up.

For lunch: peanuts and raisins.  More simplicity and efficiency, not to mention the original sweet and salty combination of my youth.  Do peanuts count as beige food?

For dinner: leftovers!  So easy to simply reheat: Angel hair with homemade marinara and cheesy garlic bread.  Outstanding!  But also lots of beige carbs.  A simple swap could include a recreation of John's avocado bruschetta in place of the cheesy goodness and/or zucchini spaghetti, but let's face it: nothing beats an Italian feast.  It's just good to remember it's not meant for every day.

The overall theme?  Beige, beige, BEIGE!  A month ago I wouldn't have thought twice about this day's menu, but now- where are my veggies?  Raw cauliflower, asparagus, radish- anything would have been appreciated and I'm sure would have assuaged how desperately thirsty I was all day.  Perhaps the old routine requires a bit of tweaking.


  1. and what about your exercise routine?

  2. MoFo def makes us think about what we eat in a month, but don't worry I eat beige foods all the time too!

  3. Yes, you need to tweak some of those veggies back in. Lots more veggies. I loved the look of all those kale salads. Chewing is a good thing, by the way. It starts the digestion process and triggers our brains to recognize fullness. Not to mention if my husband would take his time and chew more, he would have eaten fewer worms.

  4. Anon- a photo of me huffing and puffing isn't what I'd consider entertaining blogging.

  5. Sarah & ViB- so naughty but so good, right?

  6. Oh Andrea, I really loved those kale salads too. Just watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and was wondering what the effect of the no chewing- digestively AND psychologically, was...especially after 60 days.

    And ur hubby and his wormy snacks? LOL!!!!!!

  7. Yeah, that pasta would have been great over some spinach or kale!
    The granola, however, sounds awesome.


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