Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 11: Pseudo PB&J Smoothie

So, I unintentionally left myself with not much in the way of foodstuff to start the week.  Making the best of what I had left, for breakfast, I decided to try a greenish (or should I say -ist!) smoothie instead of juice.  A cucumber, raspberry, almond butter, cinnamon (and water) smoothie, to be exact.

Magic Bullet to the rescue.

It was kind of like peanut butter almond butter and jelly, but...different.  Thankfully I had frozen my fresh raspberries, so that added a chill and thickness to the smoothie that would have otherwise been warm and liquidy.  Without them, I would have definitely had to add ice cubes.  The almond butter was the dominant flavor, so I would have to adjust the proportion in the future.  Overall it was thick and heavy, albeit only about 8 ounces.  Very filling.

I had nothing to pack for lunch, so when the time came I had to venture out into the real world for some healthy grub.  Finding vegan food is one thing, healthy vegan food quite another.  Turns out, this is even harder on Columbus Day.  To make matters worse, I somehow forgot my cell at home.  If someone wants to complain and there is no means by which to text, are they still annoying?  It didn't matter; the smoothie had been so filling that I really wasn't hungry.

For dinner, a reprieve.  I'd forgotten that I'd picked up some broccoli when purchasing the ingredients for my zucchini spaghetti.  To make up for yesterday, I ate the cruciferous veg raw with shabby sheik hummus from AFR (p. 138).  Since I'd eaten so many chick peas over the weekend, I subbed cannelloni beans.  I tripled the cayenne for obvious reasons.

I also made a salad of mixed greens, thinly sliced avocado, and peanut almond lime dragon dressing (AFR p.34).  I subbed Bragg's for soy sauce; this dressing was great!  I will note that it's very watery and prone to separating, so plan to prepare and serve immediately.  Leftovers aren't advisable.

Fear not; I will be better prepared tomorrow and there will be kale.


  1. Abby,

    Your morning smoothie looks and sounds great. Morning juicing and smoothies is something I would like to add into my daily routine. Thank you for the tips and inputs.

    Okay, My Vegan Gut was a little disappointed you didn't have lunch yesterday. Part of a healthy diet is eating... If you don't eat, your body will hold onto its fat, and it will be harder to lose.

    Keep up the good chew!!

  2. My breakfast, no matter how heavy, never holds me until dinner. That must have been some smoothie.

  3. MVG & Andrea- I'm actually intrigued by the fact that I'm rarely if ever hungry on this cleanse. Under normal circumstances I have a bottomless gullet for snacking and sweets.

  4. I made a similar pseudo PB and J smoothie a few weeks back with avocado, frozen grapes and PB...the avocado made it super creamy, though the cucumber is intriguing.


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