Monday, October 31, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 31: Lula's FTW!

I had it all planned out that Lula's would fittingly end Vegan MoFo for me, but, as it turned out, I didn't wind up getting there as I'd been expecting to all month (yes, the italics are supposed to represent my innate bitterness).  This was especially infuriating since on my mid-cleanse visit I couldn't eat anything!  Now I know how you folks on the other side of the country feel; I feel your pain.

So, in lieu of a real time visit, I'll take you on a stroll down memory lane- both to a visit about a month ago, as well as to the the sundaes of my teenage years.

I went vegetarian at 13.  Coincidentally, I began working at an ice cream store around the same time.  Because I knew nothing about nutrition or meal planning and, since I spent most of my non-school time there, most of my diet consisted of whatever I could concoct at the store.

I went through a few phases: coffee chip shakes, frozen candy bars, and anything with butterscotch.  But over the course of the four years that I worked there, what I ate most frequently throughout the day (and never tired of) were perfect mini-sundaes.  Let me explain.  When assembling a sundae, it is almost impossible to precisely proportion your topping to ice cream ratio.  Through experience I discovered that if I made a sundae in what we sold as a "kid's cup", the result was a few spoons full of complete sundae bliss.  The architecture of my perfect mini-sundaes was as follows:

the recollection
dollop of soft vanilla/chocolate twist
squirt of hot fudge
squirt of caramel
whipped cream
rainbow sprinkles

I'm sorry to say that I've no photographic documentation of these sundaes.  Times were different and we didn't all photograph our food back then!

As you know, I've enjoyed some pretty epic sundaes at Lula's and have had no complaints.  But never this particular combination.  Then, recently, I noticed both hot fudge and caramel were listed as sauce options on the board simultaneously; it was time. 

the recreation
scoop of hard chocolate ice cream
scoop of hard vanilla bean ice cream
hot fudge
whipped cream
chocolate chips

The caramel was AMAZING and just what I hadn't realized my previous sundaes had been missing.  Every time I think Lula's has outdone themselves they go and get even better.  So, my advice to you, no matter where you live?  Get down there and make a perfect sundae of your own.

As for me, I'll just finish up my scrumptious pumpkin ice cream

and call it a day.

And that, my friends, (not so) fittingly concludes Vegan MoFo 2011 for me!

Your regularly scheduled blogging will continue...


  1. I'm sorry you couldn't get to Lula's for today's post (and I can never get to Lula's without a huge inconvenience), but you got to eat pumpkin ice cream that you had stored in the freezer, so I don't feel extremely sorry. But sorry.

  2. you write more about Lula's then any other topic. SO many times I think, okay there is no way there will be a Lula's mention in this post and then bam, there it is. You really do love that place. It's just a shame you're still banned.

  3. Andrea, Plain ice cream vs. a sundae is a hardship! :-)

    Ashley, Amen.

    Anon, What's not to love?


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