Tuesday, July 5, 2011

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things at Sacred Chow

One of the many great things about Sacred Chow is that you can order from their entire menu during brunch hours.  On a recent visit we did just that.

Starting off with coffee and chamomile tea:

Don't pass up the root vegetable latkes with Indonesian date butter any time of day: the crispiness of the latkes pairs perfectly with the sweet spread.

I make it a habit to order the peanut soba noodles with spicy peanut sauce without crystallized ginger.  On this visit, the waiter looked at me quizzically when I did so, and told me that the dish didn't include ginger.  When I returned the quizzical facial expression, he suggested that I must have been mistaking crushed peanuts for crystallized ginger.  I wasn't!  Nevertheless, I was served noodles with neither; he really thought I didn't know the difference!  No matter, it was still fantastic: rich and delicious with the most crunchy and fresh purple cabbage in all the land.

But, for the record, behold this photograph of a previous order: crystallized ginger AND crushed peanuts.  Sometimes it pays to document your meals.  See, I'm not crazy!  (Note: the lighting was much better on this day.)

Moving on...oh, Sacred Chow dijon marinated kale salad, if only you knew how many conversations you spark; everyone knows of, loves, and aspires to achieve your incredibleness.  Everytime I think I've cracked the code I realize I haven't even come close.  Magic, I tell you!  Not only that, but the folks at Sacred Chow are also well above and beyond any kale massaging technique I possess- such tender leaves!

So there you have it, my three, favorite tapas...but wait!  The price of the delicious sunflower lentil pate has decreased (yes, really!), thus removing it from the tapas options and putting it in the starters and sides section.  So (as promised, Dino), this gave me the excuse to order it as a fourth dish for the table; score!

As a result of all this goodness we were quite cramped at our "two-top", spending the meal talking to each other through this efficient, attractive, but socially awkward tableware contraption.

After all was said and eaten, we decided to have dessert.  See, there are no rules at Sacred Chow!  Ok, except for the one that you can't sit at a four seater with only two people no matter how much food you order.  But, you can order tapas at brunch, get a knife if you ask for one, and have dessert after a big meal without judgement.  I had spied a chocolate cheesecake (!), but we ultimately decided upon our favorite brunch standard, the banana bread French toast: "A thick slice of our banana pound cake grilled up warm and crisp, with blueberry sauce."  For those of you who are thinking, "What?!", know that when you eat it you'll be saying, "WOW."  I've never had anything like it anywhere else and this one was probably the best yet.

Another superb meal of a few of our favorite things at Sacred Chow!


  1. Abby,

    I love everything about Sacred Chow and I thank you for this post. Now I'm left with one question, when are we going back?

  2. I just ate there for the first time last weekend! We got the sunflower lentil pate and the root vegetable latkes too - so yummy!

    I almost ordered the peanut butter soba noodles but ended up getting something else... seeing your photos makes me definitely want to go back to try them next time though!


  3. Ali, Sacred Chow claims another fan!

    MVG, I will never turn down Sacred Chow. Now? Tomorrow? Every day?

  4. Wowzers. I used to work right across the street but I've been there only once or twice and it looks like that was way too long ago. I needed a reminder like this.

  5. I didn't even know they had brunch there! You know, they probably changed the recipe on the soba noodles before your waiter started working there; I've had that kind of exchange before as a waitress. In any case, they look great, like a pad thai-kind of thing...

  6. I've been there for brunch. Since I'm not a sweet person, my friend got the french toast (very decadent) while I got the mixed salad. A big bowl indeed! Sadly, they weren't serving any bean of the day that early yet. I also create my own massaged kale salad. I like to rub in avocado and olive oil. ")


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