Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mini Cupcakes: Rosewater Pistachio & Biscoff Double Chocolate Chip

I am the only vegan at work, so I like to bake for the non-vegans; it's easy activism.  The results can run the gamut from silent, perplexed enjoyment to earnest (albeit odd) inquiries.  I do my best to maintain my patience, but it never fails to surprise me how many people underestimate vegan ethics: assuming that they only go so far as your own kitchen.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to explain that I don't use eggs- even when I'm baking for others.  The effort is made worthwhile, though, by the people who ask for recipes and promise not to substitute anything.  Having an unapologetic omnivore ask you if it's better to use soy or rice milk is priceless.

Vegan food or non, I have a problem when lunchroom goodies wind up crumbled all over the counter, carpet, door (yes, really) simply because of an annoying breed of people who "only want a taste" or a "sliver", or whatever other excuse will have them coming back to create ever more crumbs until they have eaten the equivalent of 38 shares of dessert and I am left sitting at my desk calculating how long it will take an army of ants to make it from ground level to my top floor of the building.

But I digress.  On this particular occasion, the cupcakes were in celebration of someone I greatly admire, so I wanted none of my own idiosyncrasies to spoil the well-intentioned offering.  The solution?  Mini-cupcakes.  Now I'm sure there is someone out there who would dare halve a mini-cupcake in an effort to cut back, but luckily no one meeting this description chose to do so in my office, on this day, on my watch.

Biscoff Double Chocolate Chip mini-cupcakes

I used your basic chocolate cupcake recipe from VCTOTW (p. 37-40), adding scrumptious Sweet Earth chocolate chips to the batter.  Then I iced with Biscoff spread and garnished with chips.  Since the cupcakes were minis, I originally used one.

When I realized they looked like boobs I added another.  Baking is hard!

Rosewater Pistachio mini-cupcakes

Also from VCTOTW, I followed this recipe (p. 116-118) almost to the letter.  I did omit the chopped pistachios from the cake; initially this was because that step is missing from the directions, but ultimately I decided this cupcake should be smooth.  I used whole pistachios for garnish.

Both cupcakes went over extremely well and the size was not only effectual in preventing a cupcake melee, but adorable to boot.


  1. Lovely cupcakes! I enjoy baking for coworkers as well. I have had similar experiences with questions, and surprisingly some (well one in particular) that wouldn't even try anything. HELLO! Eggs and milk do not a cake make! So I made my most trusted chocolate cake for the aforementioned person's birthday so there was no getting out of it. She was dumbfounded! While I didn't care for some of the comments, I was happy to see her chow down and go for seconds.

  2. Well done! That boob thing is oft a problem when garnishing cupcakes. That truffle cupcake I make is seriously disturbing! ;-)

  3. Sarah, way to bully with the vegan goodies!

    GPVB, I'm more than a little relieved that a professional has the same aversion to boobcakes as I do.

  4. haha I hate it when people cut cupcakes in half! The office I used to work in was FULL of those women who had to make a big show about it, too. I'm much more the "why, yes thanks! and I'll be the first one to take a bite, too" type of person when someone brings sweets to work ;)


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