Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scenes From A Vegan Holiday Weekend

The following images are of dishes enjoyed in celebration of both Easter and Passover (few, if any, are Kosher for Passover).

Matzoh ball soup!  I managed to acquire this early, because I had a bad cold.  Thumbs down to the cold, way up for the soup.  Fun fact: after I'd eaten my soup in advance, I completely forgot that Passover had yet to occur. 

The best grape juice in all the land:


Stuffed cabbage:


Plate 1, including roasted potatoes, onions, brussel sprouts, chestnuts, and asparagus.

Chocolate-covered matzoh!

VM's famous, chocolate-chip studded banana bread:

Plate 2 (leftovers two days later):

Leftover charoseth (can apples fermenting in Manischewitz for 3 days make you drunk at work?):

Peacefood Cafe's Asian greens salad, "seasonal baby Asian vegetables, mixed sprouts, shredded carrots, tomatoes, marinated and baked tempeh, and ground peanuts in a garlic, ginger, cilantro [you can't taste it], ponsu, and sesame dressing."  Maybe it was a result of the dehydration I was experiencing at the end (middle) of my cold that I felt like ordering a salad, but it was fantastic.

I was a little disappointed that the "Asian vegetables" seemed only to include shredded cabbage, but the overall dish was really wonderful and exactly what I felt like eating.  The inclusion of Peacefood's ubiquitous jicama was fine, but I do believe that's Mexican.  The tempeh was phenomenally prepared and the dressing unique and addictive.  Now if they could only work on their B rating... (the staff and service was slightly better than usual).

My pal's fried seitan medallion panini, "with cashew, arugula, tomatoes, and pesto" was enjoyed, but I wasn't in the mood to try it; look at me ordering the healthiest lunch at the table.

Sweet and Sara Peeps:

Toasted-coconut marshmallows:

Cinnamon Snail Mexican Hot Chocolate Donuts!

Phew; I think that's it.  Well, almost.


  1. Abby,

    Why don't you tell the world what was in that well dressed stuffed cabbage.

  2. MVG- I am going to defer to the chef (and newest blog commenter): VM. She has some for you if you want it!!

  3. Wow, I'm curious as to what was in the kugel! I've only made it once but it was very pale compared to yrs. It looks great.
    I've got to get to Peacefood one of these days, that salad really does look fantastic! I've heard great things.
    The, um, hot chocolate donuts look a little...less appealing....but I'm sure they were delicious.

  4. foodfeud- the darkness of the kugel was a cross between the chia seeds that were supposed to hold it together (but didn't) and the fact that noodles inexplicably overly-browned while baking uncovered. The recipe is horribly unhealthy, but delicious; it's sealed in the VM vault!

    Peacefood's food is terrific, the service can be outright horrendous and they have a B rating. That's my mini-review!

    Here's the thing with those donuts. They are delicious, but the fact remains that it seems impossible to photographic them in such a way that they don't look obscene. And I want you to know that I re-wrote that sentence a couple of times in an effort to keep it clean.

  5. Well, it's good to see you didn't let the cold interfere with your appetite. If I weren't so lazy, I would have made stuffed cabbage instead of stuffed peppers, but I am what I am. Everything looks great, but I'm especially drawn to the salad and tempeh.

  6. Andrea, Aren't you supposed to "feed a cold", or did I make that up?


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