Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two (More) Reasons We Love Sacred Chow

In the time I've been writing this blog, I have been called many things: harsh, knit-picky, critical, and mean (Bean rhymes all too easily)...all by my friends!  Yet I make no apologies for my standards or my opinions; in fact, they're really not all that harsh.  I simply prefer great food, nice atmosphere, an A rating, and waitstaff that smile, say hello, and are generally pleasant throughout the meal.  I appreciate splitting shared dishes when appropriate and swapping silverware between courses, but it's the basics and friendliness that's the major bonus. 

And when all aspects of a dining experience come together delightfully, I make a point to mention it.  In fact, precisely because I am so attuned to service, I believe it is all the more sincere when I say that it is good, great, outstanding even.

And at Sacred Chow, Eli and Brian are all that and more.  Just as Cliff and Dino are from behind the scenes, these gentlemen exude warmth and genuine graciousness on the front lines of the dining room.  As a complement to the spectacular grub, their service makes our dining experience infinitely more enjoyable than ever before; you just can't get any better than a meal at Sacred Chow.  Thanks for making us feel so welcome!

Some recent noshes:

root vegetable latkes with Indonesian date butter:

sunflower lentil pate with crostini:


(from the day's special tapas- bean of the day) Daal Makhani: "tiny little French lentils simmered in a stock spiced with tomatoes, cumin seed, white mustard seed, coriander seed, fennel seed, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, and a hint of coconut milk for creaminess", served over brown rice.

A friend's power bowl lunch special- cannelini beans with escarole, collards, and brown rice.

A new favorite amongst my good friends former pals, kale Caesar with tofu "croutons".

No matter what, Chow has the best kale around.  But, I'm still a staunch dijon marinated raw kale fan.  Here it is with (from the day's special tapas- grain of the day) quinoa and marinated fennel.  Team dijon!

Chocolate “Nutella” Creme Torte: with "chunks of toasted almond & almond butter folded into Chow’s house-made chocolate creme; baked in a flaky pastry". This dessert comes in a host of variations (pistachio, almond, peanut butter, etc.); try them all without hesitation.

Peppersteak hero: "grilled seitan strips, peppers, onions, & cheese, served on whole wheat baguette [MVG and I shared the wrap version], with a side of home fries" 

Souper hero special: half hero and small salad- MVG's BBQ seitan hero: "chunky seitan & onions in Thai BBQ sauce" with his preferred kale Caesar.

My souper hero special: shredded tofu spa salad hero "light & creamy tofu salad, dill soy mayonnaise, mixed greens" with the far superior dijon marinated kale substituted by special request <3!

Chocolate truffle cake: "dense, rich, chocolate cake filled with raspberry ganache and topped with chopped pralines"  All I can say about this cake is that you need to eat it immediately, if not sooner.

The menu at Chow is pretty extensive, and there is also a considerable list of specials daily.  I'd recommend everything I've ever had, but especially our faves.  What can I say, Chow?  Thanks for being so fantastic.


  1. oh my gosh i LOVE Sacred Chow! Their Nutella cake is my favorite! What a gem:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chow for life! PS was this all from one visit or a few? It's hard to tell with you!

  3. Multiple visits! Tsk, tsk, BYOL. Besides having shared the quinoa/kale/latkes with me and AR, you should have realized that the power lunch bowl belonged not to me, but none other than Mr. Headlock. Collards never.

  4. I want the lentils and the cannelini beans. So they deliver?

  5. Abby, I just posted about my recent return visit and you are right - so worth it, despite my long lists of necessary firsts! Sacred Chow had been a while for me, though always welcome. I'm definitely taking tips from yr NY eating posts. Perhaps one of these days we will finally cross our vegan paths... Then I can take photos of yr cake but not have to indulge :)

  6. Andrea, I wish. Besides the cakes, I'd eat much healthier if they were within delivery distance to me.

    foodfeud, don't worry; I rarely share my cake! Are you going to the 6/10 Shop-up? Thinking of trying out M.O.B. afterwards...


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