Friday, January 13, 2012

Kale vs. Collards (Team Kale here)

A few friends and I have been having an ongoing kale vs. collards debate.  A group of us is particularly infatuated with kale (raw kale salad especially), while a small, super-fit few are all about collards all (most) of the time.  I'm obviously no nutritional wizard; the sole basis of my being a member of Team Kale is taste.  So I'll let them wax poetic about the health benefits; let's have some fun.

I admit it; there was a time in my life when I didn't even know what kale was.  Now I have my whole omnivorous family eating it: raw salad, baked chips...even in soup (cannelloni bean concerto)!  With no end to the debate in sight, I feel like I should be a public advocate for kale.  What better way to do it than with an Eat More Kale t-shirt?

Besides being rad, by supporting this small business you are not only advertising a superhero vegetable, but you are also standing up for a little guy who is being bullied by a giant, non-vegan company.  Read all about, support Bo, and let big business know that you're not having it TEAM KALE!!

You want more kale?  You got it.  Guess what I recently gifted all of the friends involved in the kale vs. collards fiasco?  Kale propaganda!!

Really, how cute are these pins?  They are from Sick on Sin, a company that offers all kinds of adorable pins and magnets and stuff: the vegan/animal themed are only some of their many offerings ("I love kale" is design #45).

Besides their adorbs merchandise (vegans love pins), the folks at Sick on Sin were incredibly kind as well as efficient.  When I placed my order for multiple pins of the same design, they wrote to confirm my order and still shipped the very same day.  So even though I'd waited until the last minute to order, it still arrived in a flash.

After having explained the friendly kale vs. collards debacle in the email conversation regarding my order, guess who weighed in on my packing slip?  Yep, another member of Team Kale!  Very cool.

"P.S. I vote kale too!"
Think that's all the kale I have for you today?  Think again.  Look what I found at Herbivore: a thumbs-up kale belt!

as modeled by My Vegan Gut
It too was a gift and now I'm wondering why I didn't get one for myself- especially since it seems they are out of stock.  Kale belt buckles FTW!

And, finally: if you're afraid of offending collards if your kale-ness isn't ready to be represented so tangibly, perhaps stickers are more your speed.  For a small donation, there's always the sizable Eat More Kale sticker to get your point across.

Most importantly, eat some kale!

And, to my friends (the collard sympathizers) who have been trekking through Nepal: welcome home!

Let's go get some kale?


  1. Dear Abby,

    I'm team kale for life!

    PS, thank goodness you didn't post the photo of me taking a photo of my kale belt.

    Carry on.

  2. I'm with you on Team Kale, not only for the swank accessorizing. Kale chips, DUH! Also, I recently tried a marinated collard salad and maybe I didn't massage it enough? But it just ain't the same. The only thing collards win out on, imo, are wraps. Can't wrap curly kale!

  3. MVG- are you saying to please post that picture of you?

    foodfeud- That is so funny b/c I saw your collard salad and thought, "Really? She is so smart". Your wraps had me salivating until the incident ;-)

  4. Mix eating kale with collards for the most nutritional benefits! And let it be known that my response to this debate is pending!

  5. Kale forever and evah! No offense to those of varying green allegiances, but kale is clearly One Green to Rule Them All.

    Entertaining read and I plan on making the kale white bean soup you linked to soon.

  6. Can't we all just get along? I love both! I used to think that you couldn't do a raw collard salad, but if you cut them in thin(ish) ribbons and marinate for a while it works. I'll be Switzerland! xx

  7. Kale, kale, kale. Ever since a particularly successful gardening experience with collards, I swore I'd never eat them again. Recently, though, I made collard wraps and they were very good. In general, though, I play on the kale team.

  8. Andrea, I have a friend who can't do zucchini b/c, growing up, her mom always had such an abundance from the garden that she put it in everything. I do hold a grudge against collards (Ethiopian food is an exception), but I've been meaning to try them for cooked wraps.

  9. The collard wraps were MUCH easier than cabbage rolls. No burned fingers or cursing — none.

  10. Andrea, you don't find that ^ boring? ;-)


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