Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Am I the Only One Who Loves Yodels?

Certain people who will remain nameless find themselves in the immediate vicinity of Vegan Treats often, but rarely find it in their hearts to return with the goods.  But what they lack in delivery frequency, they make up for in quality and quantity of selections.

Let me be clear about something; it's easy being vegan.  Non-vegans will argue, but that's because they are wary of being inconvenienced in the slightest; it is easy.  But if someone were to ask me what I "miss", I'd inevitably say yodels.  It's true!  Chocolate cake, vanilla cream, chocolate shell; it's practically the perfect food (minus the non-vegan part).  In fact, the best breakfast of my entire non-vegan childhood was quite possibly the yodel and chocolate milk my dad allowed me to choose when he took me to work with him. 

In ALL of my vegan eating I have never come across anything remotely similar in taste or construction to a yodel...until now.  Behold: the deconstructed yodel.

The VT counterpeople will earnestly explain that this is a s'mores something or some such; pay no attention, just buy it.  You can thank me later.

I'll admit I didn't love the marshmallows, but they have nothing to do with the impending yodel-dom that awaits.  The chocolate-dipped graham cracker, however, is divine in and of itself; consider it a pre-yodel snack.  Take a deep breath.  The beauty of this creation is in the layering: chocolate cake, Vegan Treats' famed marshmallow cream, more chocolate cake, repeat, and a layer of chocolate "shell".  I'm here to tell you yodel-philes; it's a bonafide vegan yodel masquerading as a delicate and fancy, schmancy cake.  Who would have thought?  Honestly; my vegan diet is now complete.
After this relevatory dessert, are other goodies even necessary?  Necessary, no.  Probable, yes.

Death by chocolate remains high on the leaderboard of best desserts of all time.

Who would disagree?

And there's just something about the chocolate-encased strawberry shortcake.

Ok, a few things.

This was the first time I'd come across one of their desserts-on-a-stick outside of holiday season.

As if the coating of chocolate, cookie crumbs, chocolate & butterscotch chips, and white chocolate wasn't enough- they were all encasing the elusive chocolate-chocolate cookie cheesecake that I've been coveting ever since having it sharing it as a special-of-the-week dessert at Soy and Sake years ago.  Score!

I cannot tell a lie.  I had some donuts too.

Coconut cream pie donut!

And, the incomparable chocolate-covered donut:

And that's it. 

Vegan Treats, keep being awesome...and please keep making the deconstructed yodel cake!


  1. I almost don't care how the gorgeous objects you've displayed here, taste. I think I'd be content just to stare at them and admire their perfect beauty. For a while, anyway.

  2. oh my gosh this post is making me drool! haha they all are gorgeous and look so delicious! especially that chocolate cheesecake! wow!

  3. Andrea, I've had gorgeous items (elsewhere) whose taste fell flat. I can assure you that you wouldn't be able to appreciate the beauty alone for long!

    glutenfreehappytummy- they tasted even better than they look; I may have overdone it.

  4. I've only ever been to Vegan Treats once (hey, I'm a 15 hour drive away -- don't judge me), but it was one of the most memorable "firsts" I've ever had as a vegan. I almost cried eating the piece of cheesecake I did, it was so delicious.

  5. Mylene, I know the feeling! I really just can't believe how good everything is. I'm a little over an hour away & I admit that there are days when I just say, "I'm going to VT!" and I do. I'll have some cheesecake for you next time!

    My first visit was actually really funny. I was on a roadtrip with an SO during a period of bad mojo. When I saw the sign for Bethlehem I made a hard turn off the highway- waking him up in the process and then having to listen to "losing time" complaints as I found my way to the shop. Suffice it to say that it's hard to consider the gravity of an impending breakup when you're eating a glazed, sprinkled donut for the first time in six years.

  6. I don't know anything about yodels but I sure know about strawberry jelly rolls. And you done well.

  7. If you ever find yourself in NJ (don't know where you're from) you must go to the vegan bakery called Papa Ganache! They have vegan yodels that are out of this world!!!!!!!! Look them up...they may even ship them, I'm not sure.

  8. If you ever find yourself in NJ, you must go to the vegan bakery called Papa Ganache....they make vegan yodels that are out of this world!!!!! They may even ship, I'm not sure. You should look them up 💜

    1. Yes, I've been there! I think there was a roll-type cake that was very yodel like. If they've added actual yodel-size treats, I'll definitely have to return.


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