Friday, November 23, 2012

Vegan Thanksgiving, Part 1 of 2: Dinner

Oy; I'm full.  Not surprisingly, Thanksgiving day was filled with lots of cooking and tons more eating- so much so that I have to break it down into two posts: one for dinner and one for dessert.

VM's napkins: veganized

Truth be told, I don't like my food touching.

Especially gravied items; they belong on a separate plate!

We went extremely traditional this year, starting with green bean casserole from the PPK:

It never disappoints.

VM has always made awesome vegan mashed potatoes, but her new trick is to add horseradish- making them taste just like even better than the non-vegan wasabi mashed potatoes from Lucky Cheng's, circa 1999bv (before vegan).  VM's famous horseradish mashed potatoes!

I had some farmar sweet potatoes languishing, so I cubed and roasted them skin-on with cinnamon and nutmeg, then mashed them with butter, maple syrup, salt, and cinnamon sugar.  AB's so-so, sweet, sweet potato mash.

Because Thanksgiving is as good of an excuse as any to make brussel sprouts...we did.  But, we didn't roast them this time; instead, I tossed them in safflower oil with salt, pepper, garlic, and red pepper flakes, and sautéed them stove-top for 15 minutes.  They tasted very similar (better) than the ones from Blossom, and I loved the vibrant green.

I forgot the chestnuts!!
VM has always made vegetarian, creamed corn stuffing, but she's long since veganized it.  On a good day she'll prepare them in balls rather than a casserole.  A day when a dead turkey is roasting in her oven is not a good day.

Okay, okay; our mushroom gravy is from a can.

But our cranberry is homemade by my boss, who does something terrific with orange zest to make an orange/cranberry chutney of sorts that I really like...and I am not a fan of cranberries (never craisins).

And, finally: our "main course" was chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon- easily doubled on PPK. Cause what are you gonna do with a single batch?  Not enough, that's what.

I really didn't overdo it.  The problem arose when I was effectively done, but then decided to have a little more mashed potatoes...and stuffing...and green bean casserole.  Then I was not only done, but done for.  Despite my own gluttony, it was a wholly successful spread and I'll be eating leftovers for at least a week.

89 doesn't really eat at the table; she was just posing for posterity.
Don't get me wrong; I did manage to have dessert...hours later.  But, I'm a professional.  I'll let you digest dinner for now and catch you later with part 2.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. So is Vm vegan, vegetarian, or just adventurous and open-minded? I guess I always assumed she was vegan too.
    I love that everyone is eating their Brussels this year!
    I made a double batch of the PPK Double batch chickpea cutlet recipe for a party last week, even though I was the only vegan but I forgot the leftovers there! I forgot how easy they were to make though.
    Nice spread. I love the shot of the table and 89 - so well behaved!

  2. I'm so full from tonight's leftovers on top of last night's dinner I can hardly look at your post. If I weren't so stuffed I'd be eating the photos. I was going to make green bean casserole but didn't get to it — again. 89 is sure looking cute!

  3. For two vegans, it is surprising how different our thanksgiving table looked. Glad you had a good holiday and I'm looking forward (and a little scared) to part II!

  4. foodfeud- Ah, VM is a vegetarian: has been since 2009 and I'm always trying to get her to transition. I too forgot how great (and easy) those chick pea cutlets are; I should definitely be eating them more often. As for 89, don't let her sweet face fool you; she's like a bolt of lightning!

    Andrea- I'm anxious to check out your spread. Casserole or not; you always go the extra mile!

    BYOL- You're right; there was no 89 at your table! Also, there's a place for kale and it's not at my vegan Thanksgiving. I need room for as many mashed potatoes as possible! P.S. Be afraid; be very afraid.

  5. LOL 89 looks so funny in the photo with the food!

  6. What a delicious looking, gorgeous looking vegan Thanksgiving spread! Reading about this really makes me want to throw a dinner party just so I can make a big celebration meal. I can't decide which looks better: the green bean casserole or the creamed corn stuffing. Of course it all looks good, even your gravy from a can. Can't wait to see what you had for dessert!


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