Wednesday, April 3, 2013


See what I mean?  We are equal opportunity celebrants.

Let's get right to the goods, shall we?  For starters:

Yep; that's a Vegan Treats' bunny cake

I couldn't just leave them all there; it would have been mean.

Know what's inside?  French silk!  I still don't know what it is besides delicious.

I didn't get a chick cake, but maybe I should have.  Look at the hairdos!

While not Easter-themed, I couldn't resist a chocolate-encased cannoli.

Or donuts: powdered raspberry jelly, double chocolate glazed, chocolate-encased angel's food cake, traditional sprinkled.

Check out VM representin'!  They're not really all of her donuts; I just like to pile everything on her plate so it looks like it.

You all know I'm really the culprit (although I always chew with my mouth closed).

Aaaaaaand....more donuts for home: powdered raspberry jelly, Boston creme, double chocolate glazed.

Also a blueberry crumb bar.

And a pecan roll.

Tee hee.

Just making sure you're paying attention.


Ok; back to the Easter-theme.  I get sidetracked easily.  Look, chocolate-covered, sprinkled pretzels!

Yeah; we ate them in the car.  I threw the un-dipped pretzel end out the window.  (No I didn't, but I wanted to: more chocolate always!)

Theeeen, a surprise Easter bonanza- also from Vegan Treats.

There's no such thing as chocolate overload, but if you're looking for Easter overload, here it is:

You've never had a carrot quite like this: filled with non-pareils!  A childhood (and now adulthood) favorite.

Speculoos cups hiding in a rabbit box!

Please forgive my hands in these photos.  Know that I was barely able to contain myself from eating long enough to photograph the goods at all; so, these will have to do.

Creme eggs- MUCH better than the "original".

Smooth, dark chocolate rabbits.

Peanut butter-filled chocolate egg!

Coconut-filled chocolate egg!

Memo to 89: dogs can't eat chocolate!

And peanut butter-filled chocolate rabbits...because you can never really have enough peanut butter and chocolate.

Note the white chocolate tail.

Fear not: no one forgot 89; there were toys from VM & OD:

And, at home, she received an actual Easter basket!  My original, in fact. 

Even after Easter was over, I she didn't want to take the bunny clothes off. 

I don't judge.


  1. You would need AT LEAST two holidays for all those treats. Or three! :)

  2. Andrea, I admit defeat. Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, and Easter all ran into one another; I am full.

  3. i ask are you not obese?? haha

  4. Ariela, have you seen what's behind me lately!?


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