Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alternative Baking Company Kandy Kane Fudge Cookie- Quick Review

Competing with my neighbor's house (still aglow with red and green lights) for most annoying after-Christmas appearance is Alternative Baking Company's 2013 holiday cookie of the season, Kandy Kane Fudge.

I began looking for this cookie in November when it was first announced, but didn't manage to find it until now.  So, just as I was disappointed weekly by the continued existence of the outdated, fall-themed cranberry orange muffin cookie with walnuts cookie of the season November throughout January, I imagine that folks looking ahead to a spring themed cookie will glare at the Kandy Kane Fudge with equal malice as the holidays continue to recede further into the past.

To make matters worse, after all of the anticipation, I found the cookie to be extremely meh.  Now I have to be completely honest, I'm not a huge fan of ABC.  I was, years ago, but have since found many more delicious vegan cookie opportunities available to meet my own personal tastebud requirements; because vegan food has never been as delicious as it is now, it was bound to happen.  But, this KKF was more abysmal than I could have imagined as I was making weekly treks to find it.

Overall, the cookie was bland: the chocolate had no depth of flavor, the white chocolate chips were tasteless, and the candy cane pieces were few in number and chewy instead of crunchy.

In short, a complete miss.


  1. Wow. Such sadness. I also get hell bent on finding something that I've seen advertised somewhere. The hunt is usually better than the outcome.

  2. I’m familiar with ABC, they are everywhere in Oregon. Sorry to hear about your experience with the new flavor…I’m not sure I would go with candy cane + fudge together. I can’t stand candy cane with something else.

  3. oh no! I actually like the ABC cookies. Why was this one subpar? Flavor? Texture?
    Left up Christmas lights drive me crazy too.

  4. I bet there's a recipe online for a similiar, but better, cookie! Or you should invent such a recipe... because the idea is great, in theory! (but I've never been a fan of that brand of cookies either, unfortunately)

  5. Perhaps your cookie was literally left over from Christmas, and was stale. Unfortunately, vegan white chocolate chips are often wax-like, which is why I avoid them in favor of the usually delicious brown ones.

  6. That flavor didn't make it down to these parts. Guess that's a good thing.

  7. susab- (susan, is that you!?) I have to admit I do really enjoy the hunt.

    veganmiam- I actually do like mint with chocolate, but this? awful.

    foodfeud- You do? I feel like they're so 90's. If I'm going store-bought, I'm all about Uncle Eddie's PB choco chip. Everything about this cookie was wrong: the flavor, the texture, the non-crunchy bits of candy cane!? I don't even know why they bothered.

    Ali- You're absolutely right. I can't formulate messages, sadly, but if I find a good one I'll definitely post!

    Andrea- I did consider that, but it definitely wasn't a staleness issue. I totally agree about the white chocolate, although whatever Vegan Treats uses is pretty heavenly. Maybe they make their own? "Delicious brown ones" indeed.

    The Shenandoah Vegan- It will probably hit your grocer in May! Resist.

  8. ABC cookies are one of my favorite cookies ever! lemon poppyseed!! too bad this one wasn't too good

  9. I've only had one ABC cookie and was quietly impressed. Maybe I just had the one good one in existence...?

  10. These cookies always have a fruity after-taste (due to actual fruit juice as sweetening), and that aside, taste like a cheap soft cookie. It reminds me of Pregan Pepperidge Farms. I'm not a fan either, and I've tried so hard. I'd much rather make my own!


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