Thursday, January 30, 2014

VEGAN LONDON: The Return Flight

I know, I know; I've been home for months now (almost a year!), but here is the final post about my trip to London

The tube goes directly to the airport, but it was a little confusing because the trains that arrived were not mimicking the sign.  I may or may not have refused to stay on a train that was questionably going to our terminal; hopefully they can work on that because I can't be the only person that didn't get it (or am I?).

We did go to Harrod's while in London, but I think I glossed over most of our non-food related stops and missed mentioning it.  It was overwhelming and we didn't make it through the whole enormous store (which is probably a good thing since I've heard that there's a pet-shop upstairs).  But, we met a representative from Patchi chocolate in the candy department who sold us what was purported to be vegan (and really amazing) chocolate.  Unfortunately, when I contacted them once home for more information about the product and the vegan ingredients, I received no response.  This was extremely disappointing, as the recipients of the chocolate were really impressed.  In any event, this is just a cool Harrod's sign that is in Heathrow.

I didn't find any enticing vegan options in the airport (my friend had the forethought to have made a Saf-to-go purchase), so I just waited for the flight anticipating my reunion with 89.

There was a lot going on in my seating section, so I had to rely on my friend across the aisle for the initial photo of everything wrapped.  I was seated on the opposite aisle; there was a nice New York actor in the middle seat, and an insufferable, drunk man at the window.  This man would not stop annoying the flight staff for booze or our shared seatmate for unwanted conversation- even after being asked to stop talking altogether by everyone involved.  Eventually he fell asleep and his foot somehow managed to come to rest upon my neighbor's tray table; it was appalling.

photo courtesy of JD Gut

But I digress.  The meal was much more identifiable than the questionable meal going: that's soy rice pudding in the top left (I don't really like rice pudding so I only tasted it; it was okay).  An unmarked roll, vegetables and couscous that were decent at best, and a cold bean salad medley that was the savior of the whole tray.

photo courtesy of JD Gut

I can report that we did, at least, receive actual vegan margarine.

photo courtesy of JD Gut

We also unexpectedly received this hummus sandwich as a "snack," but I saved it to eat the next day.  The bread was super soggy and the hummus was probably the worst I've ever had.  I'll never understand how you go about ruining hummus.  In sum, British Airways receives extremely low marks for vegan meals.  Not a Biscoff to be seen!

So that's it, an unceremonious end to an otherwise exciting and delicious trip.   More travels to come, though...stay tuned.

Pet London!

Pet London!



Andrea said...

I'm beginning to suspect that 89 has more clothes than I do. Nicer ones, too. :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Bear in mind that I'm weird, but the drunk guy on the plane sounds interesting to me and the Hummus Sandwich looks very tasty. The Bebo and 89 are both adorable.

Abby Bean said...

Andrea, it helps that she has excellent taste.

The Shenandoah Vegan, I assure you that the drunk guy was sloppy and irritating. The hummus was like paste! But 89 IS adorable.

foodfeud said...

Too bad the hummus sandwich wasn't great. It looks like they were generous. Really, how hard is it to make a good hummus sandwich.
I might expect a sloppy drunk on Aer Lingus but British Airways! ;)

Joey said...

It may surprise (and depress) you to know that you enjoyed one of the better British Airways in flight meals. Normally they like to chuck a few non-vegan ingredients in to mess with you.

Ali - YumVeggieBurger said...

I appreciate all your London posts, no matter how belated! My boyfriend is from the UK and we're talking about going over there together sometime in the next year, so you can be sure I will be armed with a list of all your recommendations if/when that happens! :)

BYOL said...

Abby, I don't think I initially saw this post. I only wish JD Gut thought to get a photo of your face when the drunks foot made it onto the tray table...

welcome home ;)

My Vegan Gut said...


I'm ready to go back!