Thursday, April 27, 2017

Easter Party

Passover was pretty great. Then came Easter, with even more food and frolic.

I always take 89 to see the Easter Bunny, although looking back through the blog I'm realizing that I don't always post the photo, which is a damn shame. Here's her pic from this year; the bunny had two settings: 1) immediately let 89 step off their lap and sit as far away from them as possible, or, 2) hold 89 by the entire body so that only her head, a swatch of her bunny shirt, and one dangling leg are visible. Here's option 2 at work. VM tried to get a photo of option 1, but my enormous arse was in the shot and there's no reason to go there.

Since this is one bit of tardiness I can assuage easily, here are the bunny photos from the last two years.

2016 was THE BEST. I could tell the bunny was up for it, so I told them that 89 would squirm, but not bite and that I was going to toss 89 over. The bunny caught her like a champ and the moment of the catch, inclusive of 89's ears blowing in the wind of the fan meant to keep the bunny cool, was captured.

2015 was a rookie mistake on my part. 89 was dressed as a bunny, which does not read well in a photo- particularly under duress. Also, why dress like a bunny when you're visiting the bunny? We've since learned that homage, not imitation, is key.

But, I digress. This year 89's Easter basket was filled with stuffed peeps and an extra bunny outlier. They currently all still exist, although I don't think any of the peeps have their squeakers anymore and most are missing their stuffing. There's a really funny video of the basket attacking 89 if you're so inclined.

On the way to VM & OD's we stopped at our regular holiday flower spot to pick up some buds that color-coordinated with my #1 bud.

Because if not on all days, at least on holidays you should eat dessert with every meal: these are the Peaceful Provisions donuts we shared in the a.m.: Ferrera Rocher donut, cannoli donut, rainbow donut. Not pictured: their vanilla pudding/cereal donut I glommed all to myself the day before.

For dinner, VM was at it again with Follow Your Heart's vegan egg; this time, baked ziti.

I ate about 75% of it.

For dinner dessert, we had bunny-shaped rainbow cookies from Sweet Maresa because the only thing better than rainbow cookies are rainbow cookies shaped like bunny rabbits.

and, finally, a shot of 89's bunny-themed ensem for the day.

Hope your holidays were enjoyed as well!


  1. Well HELLO! I don't think I have been here before but I am glad I found you! We have a handful of friends in common! Would LOVE to be blogging buddies!!! Your dog is adorable and your food AWESOME!!!!


    1. Hi and nice to *meet* you! Let's definitely be friends. xo

  2. 89's picture with her basket is so adorable!

  3. This is how up on holidays I am. "How did Abby and 89 have Easter already when it's not until...oh." Baked ziti sounds soooo good.

    1. Did you have any idea traditional ziti had eggs in it? Eggs are so sneaky and weird.

  4. This post is too cute! I'm a big fan of 89's 2016 easter pic, good job! That ziti looks amazing too and I was always excited looking at pics from Peaceful Provisions but now that I've actually tried their doughnuts I'm even more excited when I see them on your bog because they're SO FREAKING GOOD!

    1. It's kinda hard to keep up with PP because they're always making new ones that I love! Thanks for the bunny props and that ziti was so good!!


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