Friday, January 29, 2010

Desert Essence 100% Vegan (items)

A co-worker purchased Desert Essence facial moisturizer from Whole Foods because it was A) on sale and B) marked vegan, which made her think of me.  She was so excited that she brought it in to work to show me the "100% Vegan" label.  In solidarity I picked up the same jar of Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer for myself and was uber-impressed to find that the inexpensive moisturizer was really great.  On sale for $4.19, the generous jar lasted for months and was suitable in all kinds of weather and temperature.  I've since replaced my first, finished jar for a second at the full price ($5.99!), and have only had to swap out for an alternate, more nourishing moisturizer three or four times in the course of eight months.

Satisfied, I then decided to try their Thoroughly Clean Face Wash.  The resulting difference between it and the cleanser I had been using was the equivalent of the difference between the way your teeth feel after you've been to the dentist vs. after you've brushed them at home.  I think my face might have squeaked it was so clean!  I was originally afraid it might be too drying after daily use, but I haven't had a problem.

My co-worker, myself, and my Mom have all tried these products and have no intention of stopping any time soon.  I'd say that's a good sign that they're suitable for varied skin types.  Also, with both of these items a little goes a long way, so besides being inexpensive to begin with, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I do want to note that Desert Essence's vegan items are a tad mysterious.  Both the moisturizer and cleanser I use are shown on the website without the words "100% Vegan" printed on the label, as it has been on each jar and bottle I've purchased. In addition, their website does not have a vegan section (a la Urban Decay) or a vegan search option (a la ModCloth).  I've twice contacted the company to acquire a full listing of their vegan products, but both times the response was a link directing me to their organic* line which neither tauts itself as vegan nor includes the two vegan Desert Essence items I currently use.  Follow-up inquiries to this effect were not answered.  I've considered boycotting on these grounds, but their products are too good for the price.  Anyone have any info on the products or company?

* add organic to the list of things that people inexplicably confuse with vegan along with kosher and gluten-free

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