Monday, February 15, 2010

Vegan Valentine

I don't know why there are so many Valentine's day haters out there; how can you have hostility in your heart towards a day dedicated to love chocolate?  Yes, chocolate, people.  Valentine's day wasn't invented so that the florists and card shops could make money.  It wasn't even declared by lovers to celebrate their passion whilst blatantly disregarding the singletons.  In my opinion, Valentine's day is a holiday for everyone: the opportunity to spend an entire day revelling in chocolate.  And revel I do.

Behold half (shut up) of my giant box of vegan chocolates from Rose City.  I discovered these delicious vegan chocolates years ago and they have been bestowed upon me as my my V-day booty ever since.  This is the closest thing to a conventional holiday assortment I've ever come across (truffles aren't my thing) and I really enjoy the creamy, rich, dark chocolate confections with their varied flavor/texture centers: just like a "real" assortment!  Despite not coming in a heart shaped box (which would hold considerably less than the square anyway), they are just terrifically decadent, upscale chocolates.  My own favorite flavors follow (I particularly like hazelnut), but there are more offerings available.

Irish Coffee
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Cream Ganache
Hazelnut Cream Crown
Hazelnut Cream Heart
Escargot Hazelnut Crisp
Hazelnut Cream with Whole Hazelnuts
Hazelnut Cream with Cornflakes
Cherry Cordial
Hazelnut Cream with Rice Crispies

If you didn't receive one of these incredible boxes yourself, fear not: Chocolate Valentine's Day isn't the only time you can order; this deliciousness is available all year long!  Chocolate is always an appropriate gift option and Rose City accepts orders anytime.  Enjoy!

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