Monday, January 10, 2011

Delicious Dr. Cow

Maybe it's because I only treat myself to it infrequently, but every time I try Dr. Cow it's better than the last. This time around I chose two previous favorites and two flavors I'd yet to try.

Yes, the servings are somewhat small and the price is a bit steep, but this artisanal, vegan cheese is a fine and delectable treat for your palate.  Plus, it's robust, hearty, and never disappoints.  I know of no other "cheese and crackers" cheese like it in the vegan world; it's so dimensional that you can even enjoy it plain.  Really.

top row: cashew nuts & kale, macadamia
bottom row: cashew and blue green algae, cashew & Brazil nuts

I started out with the Aged Cashew and Brazil Nuts cheese.  Mild and slightly nutty, this is a previous favorite that continues to satiate.

Then I tasted a new flavor, Aged Cashew Nut and Kale cheese.  Sweeter and slightly pungent, this olive green wheel tempted my taste buds in a much different way.

The most expensive variety that Dr. Cow offers, I had to finally try the Aged Macadamia Nut cheese.  It is unlike any of the other flavors I have tasted: softly textured to the point of being practically spreadable, this cheese dissolves on your tongue with a mouth feel similar to shredded coconut.  Decadent.

Finally, the Aged Cashew and Blue Green Algae cheese.  I'd had this one before and, once getting past the unusual teal color, really enjoyed it.  But for some reason this time I was completely blown away.  Tangy and vinegary, it's the cheese lover's equivalent of salt and vinegar chips (although not terribly salty).

If you have been meaning to try Dr. Cow cheese and haven't, for whatever reason, I recommend that you do.  It's not an everyday cheese; unlike Daiya, there's no reason to keep in on hand for regular use.  But to impress your friends, celebrate a special occasion, or just to treat yourself: do yourself the favor.


  1. Ok, I need to stop being such a cheapskate and get some Dr. Cow. Great review!

  2. Abby, thank you for this blog. I'm one of the few that hasn't tried it yet for whatever reason, but the next time I walk by Lifethyme, I'm picking some up.

  3. I've seen Dr. Cow at our vegan store, and read about it lots, but I've never tried it. Thanks for this review — maybe you've convinced me to splurge on some.


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