Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Easy Activism

I don't know about you, but I am constantly receiving thick envelopes of junk mail from credit card companies and the like.  Unfortunately, since so much personal information is printed throughout the enclosed literature, it's not as easy as throwing it in the recycling bin.  Instead, I have to open the envelope to separate the recycling from the shredding- only to have to do it again a few days later when they inevitably send another unsolicited request.

So how do I retaliate?  By taking advantage of the postage paid return envelope; they just happen to be the perfect size to hold vegan literature.  Since no postage is necessary, I like to jam pack it full of as many pamphlets as will fit in without bursting the seams: revenge at no cost to you!

Now I know what you may be thinking, who has time for this?  You!  Me!  Everyone!  Save these pesky envelopes up over the course of a month (you'll be surprised at how quickly they'll add up) and simply stuff them while you catch up on Mad Men (now on Netflix!).  By doing so you are accomplishing quite a few things.

  • Revenge.  If enough people cost these solicitors postage as retaliation for the annoyance, they may just decrease or even stop the harassment.
  • USPS is a necessary evil; not everything can be done online.  And maybe if we appease the post office they'll stop raising the price of stamps.
  • Spread the vegan word!  At very least, the person opening the envelope will read the information.  They may even pass it around.  Slap an animal rights sticker on the outside for added exposure and to save you the trouble of sealing the envelope.

So there you have it, another opportunity to speak up for animals.  For even the most passive among us.
[PLEASE NOTE: I am not aware of the legality of this practice, so please proceed at your own risk!]


  1. A. Bean this is a really great idea. Perhaps you should tell all of your readers where they can get animal rights literature and stickers.

  2. Great point! Readers: please pick up literature for yourself and for sharing from your favorite animal rights groups- online, or in person- at fests, fairs, and the like.

  3. I saved this post in my Google reader when I first read it. Just now found it again, and I am going to start impletmenting. What a great idea!


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