Monday, September 26, 2011

Crazy Rumors: My Favorite Vegan Lip Balm

A (long) while ago a friend pointed out that there was a glaring omission in my Easter post: mention of my (then) new, (self-proclaimed) holiday-themed, Leaping Bunny, Crazy Rumors lip balm.  So, I thought I'd turn the error into an opportunity to rave about all of the flavors I love from Crazy Rumors.

Some history: my first tube of Crazy Rumors was from Back to Eden in Portland, Oregon, where I picked up the orange juice for me, raspberry sherbet for VM, and banana split for someone fab.  We were hooked instantly: creamy, non-greasy, long-lasting, and vegan; what else could you be looking for in a chapstick?

The orange juice remains my favorite; the flavor is delicious and refreshing and I swear I can smell it all day.

I also really like the mystery flavor, but I can't guess what it is.  I thought I knew, but the folks at Crazy Rumors kindly told me that I was, well, completely wrong. VM's second favorite is orange creamsicle, which she also enjoys as an ice cream.

I recently bought one of their Hibiskiss lip colors and was very impressed by the color.  It doesn't stay on quite as long as the regular lip balm (which is a ridiculously long time), but the understated tint is worth the necessity of infrequent reapplication.  I've found breeze to be a great neutral, while tropical offers a deeper pop of color.

The newest addition to my line-up of Crazy Rumors personal faves is the afore mentioned leaping bunny plum apricot bunny balm, for which 50% of the purchase is donated to the Leaping Bunny Program.

If you're in need of a new lip balm/lip gloss/chapstick, I'd recommend you give this great, vegan company a try.

If, like me, you're always looking for an excuse to go, you can pick up Crazy Rumors at Lula's.  Otherwise, check out the Crazy Rumors website; it's cute and extremely easy to navigate.  The prices are fair (plus, keep an eye out for coupons and join their rewards program), shipping is prompt, and the packaging is immaculate.

It's been two years and I haven't bought another brand since.  I've also lost count of how many other people I've caused to become addicted; there's my friend who's all about mint bubble, my other friend who swears by mint chocolate (edit: who has since informed me that his addiction was independent), VM who is a raspberry sherbert, but won't turn any flavor down outright...  You might be next; which flavor will you be?


  1. ummm. excuse me, I've been using mint chocolate since before we met (it was one of the things we bonded over), hence you did not get me addicted. So apparently the count stands at one.

  2. Anonymous, you're lucky I like you.

  3. Hmmm. Crazy Rumors should probably put you in their advertising department. Maybe you should BE their advertising department. I have limeade and like it a lot. I also have HibisKiss and the color is just perfect — subtle but noticeable. I put the limeade over the hibiskiss for a longer lasting effect. After reading this, I believe I need more choices, like orange juice and plum apricot. Maybe even mint chocolate and ...

  4. What a great idea about the layering, Andrea! You should be in their marketing dept!

  5. I love Crazy Rumors! so far the apple spice tea flavour is my favourite, but I really need to order some new ones. the mystery flavour sounds fun!

  6. I was wondering what your favorite Crazy Rumors flavor was your favorite overall? I really want to buy one to test it out but I'm not sure which one...

  7. Anonymous: My fave is the orange juice, but when I gift CR I usually give a (self-customized) fourpack that contains Mystery, Leaping Bunny (both really pleasant scents) along with Hibiskiss in Tropical and Breeze (the tint shades everyone I know seems to use!).

  8. I love the Root Beer flavour. Very authentic and so evocative. My 17 -year old son can't keep his hands off the Vanilla . He says it smells like white chocolate. Orange Bergamot is very aromatic but reminds me more of soap than earl grey tea. My son likes Banana Split too, but I find it rather artificial smelling.


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