Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Cinnamon Snail: Not Your Ordinary Food Truck

It's no secret that I heart The Cinnamon Snail; I've been enjoying Chef Adam Sobel's food much longer than even seems possible.  But it's important to stress that this is no ordinary food truck.  Not just because the food is vegan and organic, but because it is epic. 

Spoiled by their presence in Hoboken, Hell's Kitchen, and Red Bank (catch them in Jersey City now, as well), I have become accustomed to their incomparable, quality sandwiches and decadent desserts- all of which evolve and revolve.  But last week something intriguing caught my eye in one of their Facebook posts- a weekly special innocuously described as "berbere lentil crepes".  The Cinnamon Snail does Ethiopian?  (Spoiler alert: yes, they do)

So, when a friend suggested a visit to Hoboken before the unfair PATH hike took effect, I was thrilled to accompany and investigate.  Now, since he'll call me out on it in the comments if I don't, I wholly admit that at the last minute I was going to just gorge on pastries.  Thankfully, a level head prevailed and, as it turned out, we all three of us ordered the Ethiopian-inspired special. 

When The Cinnamon Snail says "special", they mean it. This might be the best and most gorgeous thing I've ever eaten from the Snail; I thought about it all day!

Redefining truck food: "Berbere lentils and greens, layered between soft whole grain crepes with pomegranate molasses and marinated hot heirloom peppers."

Rumor has it, it was wheat & gluten free as well.

Lest you fret, there were also donuts.  3 Mexican chocolate donuts to be exact.  And no, they weren't all mine (although I wish they were).  Gigantic, moist, and filled throughout with chocolate and cinnamon: this is a must re-order.

I'll admit I'm not a big fan of Hoboken (parking: grrr), but with Snail food and a view like this- how can I complain?

There was even entertainment.  The only thing that makes a dog water fountain cuter is sparrows using it for a bath.

Keep doing what you're doing, Cinnamon Snail-

spreading the compassion of veganism through impeccable eats.

Regulars come to see what you're up to, newbies to see what all the fuss is about; no one leaves disappointed.

Least of all me!


  1. Impressive food truck — I would have ordered the Ethiopian special, too. I wish they'd park a truck a little closer to me.

  2. That looks and sounds amazing! I've never had Ethiopian food, much less Ethiopian food but I'll trust that you know what's good!
    Do you live in the city or NJ?

  3. Andrea, I wish they'd park it in my driveway!

    FF, You MUST have Ethiopian food. I know you prefer to eat home, so check out this awesome cookbook:

  4. I love, love, LOVE! Cinnamon Snail. Last year for my birthday my friend who lives in Hoboken surprised me with a feast from their truck and it was one of the best meals I've ever had.


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