Saturday, March 30, 2013


We celebrate a lot of holidays in my family; sometimes they get a little muddled. 

What they all have in common is yummy eats. 

For Passover seder, VM's famous matzoh ball soup.  Don't bother asking; she's still not sharing the recipe.  Maybe next year?

Before that, there was her incomparable charoseth- a.k.a. the one time a year that I eat apple.  Apple, walnuts, cinnamon, wine- all atop matzoh.

For dinner: peppery mashed potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts, Veganomicon's chick pea cutlets with apple sauce, and (something she decided to do with) mushrooms and onions.

Onto dessert!  Courtesy of Gone Pie vegan bakery:

I know I'm always saying this, but this is my new favorite thing from Gone Pie.  Imagine moist coconut in a thick, chocolate, spring-themed shell...then get your own because I already had to battle VM for hers.  Officially: coconut filled chocolate eggs: "Each dark chocolate egg is filled with a rich coconut cream that is a simple, creamy agave sweetened coconut mixture."

Unbaked brownie bites: "A smooth and rich blend of organic dates; organic blanched almonds; organic walnuts; organic cashews; organic fairtrade cocoa powder; sea salt; and organic fairtrade vanilla, that we dip in 70% dark, vegan, fairtrade, organic chocolate and garnish with a blanched almond slice."  In other words, a brownie truffle!  The almond sliver is the piece de resistance.

And, finally: a macaroon that spent a little too much time in the chocolate bath...just the way I like it: "organic coconut, organic agave nectar,organic coconut milk, organic coconut flour, almond flour, tapioca flour, organic coconut oil, grain-free vanilla or cocoa and spices, sea salt."

The bunny?  The one that's "over 1 1/2 ounces of fairtrade, organic chocolate blended with cashew and coconut based caramel, giving the chocolate a creamy, rich taste"?

Oh, that hopped into my belly long before it could get ready for a close-up.  Get your own!


  1. We "missed" Passover this year, being that we were in Thailand and kept forgetting about it, so no traditional Passover foods for us. But, seriously, if VM can successfully make vegan matzo balls, she has a duty to share the recipe. Or at the very least, send it to me. :)

  2. Andrea, I can't wait to hear (read) all about your trip; I hope you made it to the elephant sanctuary...and some cooking classes! The matzoh balls are awesome, but she even resisted a personal invitation from a representative of this year. She's one of those "a pinch of that" kind of cooks, so she claims she can't put it in writing. There's always next year...

  3. I'm good with pinches of this and that — that's how I cook, too. Matzoh balls are tricky, and it's her duty to help the less fortunate, especially on Passover. We all need matzoh balls.

    I'm sorry to say we didn't get to the sanctuary or classes. We were being hosted, and our suggestions didn't make the schedule. On the one hand, it's too bad because we really wanted to do those two things, on the other, our hosts were paying all our expenses so we couldn't complain. Maybe next time.

  4. Andrea, I agree with everything you've said!

    Hopefully you will return to Thailand soon. I've never met a non-native who didn't love it enough to return.


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