Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bocce's Bakery

89 loves cookies; who doesn't?  Her staying favorites are from Bocce's Bakery- especially the PBnJ biscuits: organic oat flour, blueberries, peanut butter.

Bocce's Bakery was born in New York out of love for a pooch of the same name.  While they're not a vegan company, they do have a number of impressive vegan options.

The PBnJ cookies, in particular, have the consistency of a soft cookie with a predominant scent of summer berries; I wanted to try these myself!  Gifted to her by her Uncle JD, they were an instant hit. 

So much so, that when the holidays rolled around, I ordered her an assortment of their vegan flavors.

For Christmas, lumps of coal: organic oat flour, blueberries, peanut butter, molasses (seasonal):

even Santa knows she's naughty

For Hanukkah, the big apple pie: organic oat flour, organic apples, cinnamon (absent peanut butter, these are crunchier than the others).

Knowing 89's affinity for Bocce's vegan offerings, JD picked up a sample of their newest vegan flavor, green remedy (aka green juice), for 89 when the company was tabling at his local Whole Foods.

Another hit!

You can order Bocce's treats online (they stay quite a while in the fridge), in stores, or follow them on Twitter to track the location of their summertime Biscuit Bike.

Thanks to Bocce's for making so many appealing, vegan options for our four-legged friends.  You can always find at least two bags in the fridge at Chez 89.


  1. Uncle JD loves when little 89 is happy and jumping for joy! So happy these were a big hit.

  2. Maybe I should try these for Callie. She doesn't like any of the treats we've bought her. So picky.

  3. My Vegan Gut- you choose excellent treats for both humans and animals!

    Andrea- I'm going to do a vegan dog treat roundup; she has a bunch but these have been her favorites.

  4. Andrea- do you give her raw veggies or tofu and tempeh? 89 loves em.

  5. Andrea- Also peeled chickpeas (I could go on and on).

  6. She likes raw veggies like carrots and broccoli, but I'm still looking for a packaged treat that's a little easier to carry around.


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