Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Homemade Vegan Dog Cookies!

I joked in the Christmas cookie post that even though the cookies were explicitly gifted to myself and 89, "dogs can't eat cookies"!  Well, fear not; 89 did get her own special cookies, and so did some of her friends.

Last year, a friend of a friend was talking about her intended homemade gifts and it sounded like such a lovely idea that I filed it away so that this year I'd be ready.

I chose this recipe for vegan peanut butter carrot puppy biscuits from VegWeb and gathered the ingredients (and, by default, 89).


I stole borrowed VM's rolling pin even though I'm allergic, and got to work.  89's mouth is already covered with carrot juice here, from the prep.

She makes a great sous chef, pre-rinsing all the silverware before it heads to the dishwasher.

I cooked the treats in batches while I continued to roll the dough and cut it into bones, stars, cats, and fire hydrants.  Repeat infinity.


The recipe worked great as stated, but I would recommend finely chopping the shredded carrot, as my rough chops made for a bit of a whimsical look of escaping carrot.

Also note that I halved the recipe, and- with my mini cookie cutters, still wound up with about 70 cookies.


I let them cool for as long as I could hold 89 off...but was horrified when, at first, it seemed like she didn't like them: rolling the pieces around but not eating them.

However, once she started she couldn't stop; she enjoyed every morsel of the soft cookies (I also tried a piece and it was pretty good!).

Then it was time to wrap 'em up.  A little personalization:


Vegans love ingredient labels:

And, voila:

A few more off the assembly line:

With plenty left over for a certain numbered dog.

Because 89 liked the cookies so much, I was able to get her to wear this in exchange for a few.

Also, more of this.

I highly recommend this recipe and the idea of useful, homemade gifts.  I hope everyone who received them enjoyed as much as 89 did.  Happy new year!


  1. I make a version of these every year. I add canned pumpkin instead of the carrots (and cinnamon.) One dog out of maybe 12-15 doesn't like them. UNBELIEVABLE.

  2. The little carrot pieces sticking out are great — much more entertaining than plain beige cookies. It's been ages since I baked dog treats, and I would run into the kitchen and make some now if Callie weren't so picky about treats. I still haven't found any that excite her. Maybe she's saving herself for some homemade cookies?

  3. Unfortunately, our pups are considered 'overweight' whenever we go to the vets. I get all kinds of sh*t about it. Extra food of any kind would be a no-no.

    89 looks like a puppy in the last pic.

  4. Susan, that sounds really good; how much pumpkin? Also, do you have 12-15 dogs in your inner circle!?

    Andrea, I definitely haven't heard any complaints from the recipients; if she doesn't like them you can make them into cake pops LOL!

    The Shenandoah Vegan, yep, more cases of vegan dogs starving because vegans can't eat anything. 89 is almost 2!

  5. I can verify that Ennis enjoyed these very much. His birthday was yesterday and he was glad that he had the foresight to save a few Hanukkah cookies!

    Happy holidays 89!

  6. Abby I use about a cup of canned pumpkin for each batch. Fresh works but I make so many canned is the way to go for me. I also add about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.

    My dog friends belong to my sister, co workers, neighbors and friends. One friend has 7?, a little bit of a hoarder/rescuer.

    The ONE that dislikes them is similar to 89. She has doggles, a life jacket, and many outfits.

  7. Thanks, Susan; I'm going to experiment for 89's bday bc she loves pumpkin. 89 is in dire need of doggles, but so far she has resisted!

  8. Abby,

    After reading this post, the truth finally comes to light. These delicious looking biscuits are not only good for dogs, they’re also people friendly! Where’s my biscuit?! (woof! woof!)


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