Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vegan Ethiopian Cookbook Recipe Testing (#Kitteetest)

I warned you there was more recipe testing in the works.  This time, for yet another exciting, upcoming, vegan cookbook: Ethiopian Cuisine!!

I was already in the recipe testing groove, so I simply set up the different ingredients and got to work.

Ye'kimem Zuyet: seasoned oil gets everything started.

As pretty as that looks, none of the other prep made for interesting photographs. So, suffice it to say, I methodically (and enjoyably) powered through as many recipes over the course of the day as would fit in my fridge; this was the result at the end of the first day of testing.

I started up again early the next morning and, come evening, this was the first plate served:

Some close-ups:
Ye'misir Wot: spicy red lentils.  Everyone agreed this was a definite favorite: nice and spicy.

Ye'kik Allecha: mild yellow split peas.  This one scored incredibly high marks as well.

Ye'abesha Gomen: stewed collard greens.  Wow!  I know I'm usually Team Kale,

Ingudai Awaze Tibs: sauteed mushrooms in a rosemary-berbere wine sauce.  I don't think anyone should ever eat mushrooms prepared any other way again.

Fasolia be Karot: green beans with carrots.  Another one favorited by all who tried.

Shehan Ful: mashed seasoned fava beans with tomato/onion/jalapeno garnish.  I don't even like fava beans (they're so weird) and I couldn't get enough of this dish.

Ye'zelbo be Karot Gomen: steamed kale with onion, carrot, and spices.  Totally delicious and like no other Ethiopian dish I've enjoyed before.

Ye-takilt Allecha: mixed vegetables (this version was cabbage, potato, carrot).  Who doesn't love this combo?  Fantastic.

All together now:

You should know that 89 and I are sticklers for directions.  Here I am, under her strict supervision, measuring carrots to code.


89 telling me to simma down now.

A to-go sampler:

Besides standard favorites, this upcoming cookbook promises awesome fusion recipes such as awaze tofu.  It will knock your (photographed) socks off.

While the awaze tofu baked, 89 ate her tofu plain (my Isa Does It tote makes a cameo!).

I paired the finished dish with Ye'bakela Allecha: white beans in a garlic-ginger sauce and Azifa: tangy lentil salad.

Then again with azifa (it's so good!), Ye'zelbo Gomen: stewed kale, and Bozena Shiro: creamy shiro with tomatoes and seitan Please ignore the tortilla I ran out of injera; don't revoke my Ethiopian cooking license.

Some stews from the first round of cooking with a few additions.


Ye'tikil Selata: cabbage salad with citrus vinaigrette.  This should have tomatoes in it, but I ran out.  Next time, because there definitely will be a next time.  Soon.

 Spicy garlic potatoes.  Is there anything about that phrase that doesn't make you want 'em?

It seems like a lot, but I worked myself into such a cooking frenzy that I may have missed photographing some of my escapades.


But still, these should hold you for a while.  As for me, I am eagerly awaiting more testing and, eventually, the cookbook- by none other than uber-talented Kittee Bee Berns!


  1. As a fellow tester, I can corroborate your experience — the dishes were great eating. We made many of the same things.

  2. 89's little head in the third pic down is precious.

    You've really got me craving Ethiopian food now. Miser Wot is my favorite followed by the Cabbage & Potatoes. Did you make your own Injera?

  3. You are a cooking machine! This book is going to fill a big hole in the ethnic vegan cookbooks that are out there. I'm making more today. I love how well tested her recipes are before we even see them. YUM.

  4. Every. Single. Dish. Looks. Awesome.
    Seriously!! I love new recipes for lentils and beans- and i'm not far from kalustyan's so i can even get the special spices :)

  5. Andrea- I really couldn't believe how simple and delicious everything was.

    Go Nepie- I owe you bigtime!

    The Shenandoah Vegan- she was so tired watching me cook all day! I didn't make my own injera, but there will be a recipe in the book and I'd like to try it.

    janet- keep a lookout for the book; it's going to be incredible.

    susan- I agree! I've always searched for veg-friendly Ethiopian cookbooks and now to have a vegan one impending...AND so creative to boot? It's a great time to be vegan.

    Ttrockwood- I got a few things at Kalustyan's, but steer clear of the staples b/c they're much higher than in ethnic markets. My friend calls it the yuppie tax.

  6. The first photo is making me hungry, the colors of the Ethopian cuisine are very vibrant! I would love to try all of them and lucky you to be a tester! I would love to test her recipes someday!

  7. This all looks so good! Kittee is a genius. (And your cooking skillz are mighty fine!) Can't wait to try some of these recipes myself once the book comes out. I love Ethiopian. The last place I had Ethiopian was actually in Rome about a month and a half ago!

  8. MollyG, Kittee IS a genius! How was Roman Ethiopian? A co-worker just came back from Ethiopia and said he'd never eaten so well or cheap, vegan, anywhere.


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