Sunday, December 8, 2013

Peacefood BRUNCH?! (psst: there are vegan omelettes involved)

A while back a friend invited me to brunch at Peacefood.  I've been going to Peacefood a long time: I don't believe their menu has changed significantly during that time (even their "specials" seem to stay the same) and I've never seen a brunch menu, but he was adamant that it existed.


I couldn't make it that day, but recently found myself downtown with another friend at 10am on a Sunday morning and what do you know?  Brunch!

In addition to this mini-menu, we were told that we could order off the regular menu (love that) [UPDATE 2017: they no longer allow you to order off the regular menu during brunch] and there was also an omelette special that could be ordered two ways:
  • filled with mushrooms, carmelized onions, and Daiya
  • filled with tomatoes and vegan goat cheese
I went the omelette route and chose the mushrooms, carmelized onions, and Daiya version.

My friend subbed tomatoes for the mushrooms.

photo credit: JD Gut

As far as omelettes go, this one fell somewhere between Organic Grill (thick and dry) and Mi Lah Vegetarian (omelette perfection). The omelette itself did err on the semi-thick and somewhat dry side, but the delicious accoutrements contained therein created an impressive balance.  The mushrooms and onions were perfectly prepared, mozzarella Daiya was a nice touch (I'd expected cheddar), and the accompanying potatoes were crisp and lightly seasoned with rosemary.

Our omelettes were pretty enormous, but I've seen other people's IG photos since and it seems like the size varies.  That being said, we also shared a ham and cheese croissant (don't judge).


I highly recommend sharing because it's really rich (also it's nice to share).

cheddar Daiya!

You can probably guess what happened next.

 Yep, chocolate chip cookie sandwich to-go.

Since the dining room was almost empty when we were there, I thought I'd spread the word that while the brunch-specific offerings are somewhat abbreviated, Peacefood does, in fact, offer an (early) brunch- which is hard to find in Manhattan.  Check it out!

PS: Anything you can eat I can eat vegan.


  1. Very cool to know. A huuuuuge part of why I don't do brunch more often is because it is so so crowded. maybe it's not good for Peacefood but I love seeing that empty dining room, haha.
    Not a huge fan of vegan ham but the croissant pastry part looks great and flaky. Very solid.
    Have you tried making chickpea flour omeletes?

  2. An Omelette seems like an impossible luxury. I'd have gotten a few made up to go for heating up later.

  3. 10am? On sunday? In nyc??
    Yeah, you're gonna have the place to yourself........ ;)
    The omelette sounds great, and that cookie- whooaahh.

  4. foodfeud- chickpea omelettes have been on my to do list for such a long time! I've some Ethiopian ones in the works...

    The Shenandoah Vegan- they were a little on the pricey side; my money seemed better spent on the cookie sandwich.

    unknown- But it's great that they're open b/c some of us get an early start!

  5. holy moly, that omelette looks good - I wouldn't know whether to eat it or climb it. And there's no judging over here - there's no point to brunch if you've not got something sweet for dessert!

  6. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. I love vegan omelettes - and is there such thing as vegan goat cheese? I would try that first instead of the Daiya one. The ham & cheese “croissant “ looks ah-ma-zing, I’m drooooooooling, I love savory & cheesy croissants!

  7. This is amazing! Some of us do get up early, even on weekends, and need an early vegan brunch place! I can't wait to try Peacefoods brunch (does the uptown location do it too??) once I'm home. And have a job. But then I will be all over that omelette! Also, I second the goat cheese question. Was it homemade? That would be so awesome (as someone who used to love goat cheese and doesn't love daiya. Don't judge!).

  8. Joey- It was HUGE, right? I still ate it all.

    Rika- It was definitely vegan, but I don't know if it was made in-house (it didn't appeal to me so I didn't ask).

    MollyG- Agreed! I am under the impression from BYOL that uptown has it too. See above re: goat cheese. Also, more Daiya for me!


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