Tuesday, December 3, 2013


There isn't much to say except that I am VERY FULL; this Thanksgivukkah business is no joke.  Imagine a Thanksgiving that starts early and lasts for days afterwards with lots of extra dessert and presents; that's Thanksgivukkah.

In case you don't know, the first night of Hanukkah was the day before Thanksgiving.  VM was not amused at the prospect of cooking for two holidays back to back, but I convinced her to whip up a pot of her incomparable matzoh ball soup nonetheless.

Since that took the better part of two days, she paired it with tater tots mini-latkes and applesauce.

Latkes infiltrating my dreams and my games!

Not to worry; she followed it up with Vegan Treats.  This is just a small box.

Here's the contents of the big mamajama: apple pie, Death By Chocolate, caramel apple streusel cheesecake, pecan pie, Speculoos cheesecake on a stick, Speculoos cups, chocolate-covered cannolis, and dark chocolate coconut truffles.


I did not share the peanut butter-filled, chocolate-dipped, chocolate cookie because my family is weird and doesn't like peanut butter combined with chocolate I'm rotten.


89 was feeling festive.


She got to have fresh baked sweet potato.

As for me, I'd only just begun to nosh.  I also received some Hanukkah goodies from friends via Rescue Chocolate and Sweet and Sara.

As well as some of Gone Pie's Hanukkah-themed caramashew cups.


VM's Hanukkah present organization was impeccable; we each had a pile.

For example, Hanukkah night 1:


89 is a pro; she unwraps her own presents!


 VM was also flaunting the 70's, vintage, day-glo Hanukkah cards!

And some new candles that malfunctioned a couple of times.

Thanksgiving was a feast, of course.





I tried a Field Roast Celebration Roast for the first time.


As much as I truly love Thanksgiving sides, it was nice to have a (cruelty-free) "centerpiece."  It looked small, but cut into 5 hefty servings.  I really liked that it tasted like recognizable vegan ingredients (seitan, lentils, squash) rather than trying to be "meaty."

The accompaniments: 
mushrooms and onions sauteed with paprika and red wine:

roasted garlic mashed potatoes:

VM's famous corn stuffing:

Celebration Roast: interior (I really liked it with apple sauce):

green bean onion casserole:

roasted Brussels sprouts with chestnuts:

VM's famous candied carrots: They were regular carrots, but for some reason when she cooked them they took on the shape of okra; ever seen that happen?

And then I did it all again as leftovers the next night!


...with the added bonus of a sweet potato fluffernutter with Dandies and cinnamon sugar:


What else?  Well, OD got us this stunning pecan pie from Gone Pie Vegan Bakery:

No one is taking responsibility for this heart, so we're blaming it on the universe. #GoNepie

And decadent pumpkin snickerdoodles, also from Gone Pie:

amazing, but not heart-shaped

For those of you keeping track, there are 8 nights of Hanukkah.  I'll leave you with 89's [UPDATED 12-5-13] total haul thus far:

and then...

89 received the coolest Woody Woodpecker toy that actually laughs!  I stole it.

And replaced it with this gigantic alligator.

That promptly ate her head.

And, of course, in honor of Thanksgivukkah: some pumpkin.

89 also makes a fine spoon cleaner.

Hope your holidays continue to be bright.


  1. My dog has the same elephant. She wouldn't play with it inside for some reason, but it's become her favorite outside toy :)

  2. All I can say is, you guys really know how to celebrate! I'm still eying those matzoh balls with envy, by the way. Everything looks delicious but the two things I want most are the mashed potatoes and the brussels sprouts. We had brussels sprouts at our dinner, too, but I just can't get enough of them. I'm not letting Callie see your post — she didn't get any presents, poor baby.

  3. OH. MY. GOODNESS. That's incredible! Plenty of inspiration for the Christmas dinner I'm planning. If mine is even half as good as that, I'd been very happy. (I've never goven Cocoa sweet potato or pumpkin. I bet he'd love it too.)

  4. All beautiful eats. I guess there is vegan Matzoh Ball Soup. Never researched that. And the little Latkes are adorbs.

    Speaking of adorbs, 89 is rocking the holiday big time. So glad to see someone so deservedly spoiled.

    Sure wish those Vegan Treats Chocolate PB Cookies would make it down to Virginia.

    Your Thanksgiving plate of food is magazine quality.

  5. Jealousy is happening. I am copying for christmas.

  6. Wowza. Looks like everyone scored. How is it you manage to get dessert from all over the East Coast?
    89 dressed up...priceless.

  7. Em, I got a couple from the same "line" and they're all so adorable. 89 doesn't take any toys outside!

    Andrea, I don't know how I'm going to make it through the between-holiday lull. If it makes you feel any better, VM won't give me the matzoh ball recipe either.

    Linda, I can't wait to see what you wind up making!

    The Shenandoah Vegan, 89 likes to party; what can I say? Those cookies also come in a Speculoos version that I may or may not prefer: more research is required. Thanks for the compliment! It was delicious and I have some frozen :-)

    Melios, I hope it's fantastic!

    Susan, I was "will travel for vegan food" before Will Travel for Vegan Food ;-)

  8. That’s a lovely list of yummy vegan treats you got - the ones from the Vegan Treats Bakery, pumpkin snicker doodles and pecan pie all look amazing! Haha, I would have ate the peanut butter-filled, chocolate dipped, and chocolate cookie, too! Aw 89 is lookin’ adorable! The Thanksgiving feast looks delicious with the gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, corn stuffing, and candied carrots, I like the Field Roast Celebration Roast, it’s pretty good so far, I had it few years ago, so glad you’ve tried it!

  9. Oh wow - I think you may have won Thanksgivukkah hands down. The roast dinner looks particularly divine. (Although if someone can explain that whole marshmallows and potatoes thing to the non-US types, that would be great. It makes me scared - mixing spuds and sweets? What the...?)


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