Monday, September 30, 2013

Vegan Treats Bakery (Vegan MoFo 2013)

So much of our life Bethlehem Vegfest experience revolved around Vegan Treats, but our haul from that day definitely deserved its own post.  And no, I'm not just saying that.  But, since I've inhaled savored quite a bit of Vegan Treats since then, let's just consider this a showcase of my latest favorites.

Some vegans toss around the term "vegan treats" as though it's a blanket term for all things that fall into the dual categories of vegan and treat.  I disagree; to me, the term Vegan Treats is somewhat sacred.  Since Danielle Konya singlehandedly created a brand, a niche, and- frankly, an empire; in my opinion, she has earned the sole rites to the title to describe her creations and hers alone.  There are many impressive vegan goodies on the market, but, in my opinion, only hers are "Vegan Treats."

In no particular order:

Chocolate-dipped chocolate cookie...

...with speculoos filling!  These also come in a larger version...filled with peanut butter; I can't decide which I like better.

It was hard not to eat the entire display of these Pennsylvania-Dutch inspired fasnachts the first time I saw them.

Imagine a thick donut dusted with powdered sugar, halved and filled with a delightfully light cream.

A huge, fun mess to eat!


chocolate and salted caramel cake truffle:

89 waiting for a taste of the first pumpkin of the season:


 pumpkin and vanilla soft-serve:

Thumbs up from you-know-who.

Way up.

Chocolate glazed donut with chocolate drizzle, curls, and crumbs atop:


VT's interpretation of a sundae: chocolate-encased angel's food cake donut with sliced strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate drizzle:


Chocolate and salted caramel soft-serve (VM's absolute fave):

chocolate hazelnut cake:

Cross-section of the seedless raspberry jelly-filled, powdered donut.

A naked cannoli!  (I am currently partial to the chocolate-dipped variety).

Boston creme donut; eat or be eaten!

wild blueberry soft-serve (my fave!):

89 really liked this one.

She pretty much just held her tongue out until someone put ice cream on it.

This was a new one for me; it's shaped like a pretzel, but tastes like a quintessential glazed donut dusted with cinnamon sugar.

caramel pecan roll (OD's favorite):

But, wait; there's more.  Did you know that besides all their donuts/cakes/cookies, etc. that can be packed for travel, Vegan Treats is prepared to sell you soft-serve to-go?


This was a surprise delivery from my parents right before a fast (tee hee): concord grape and vanilla soft-serve:

I thought the flavor was a bit crazy, but it was actually certifiably nuts- in the best possible way.

Apparently we all scream for ice cream.

I wasn't the only one who couldn't resist.

And, as long as we're speaking of take-home booty, why not take home a bunch of stuff in one of their new, reusable bags?  They come in two convenient sizes that are perfect for filling up at the farmar or Vegan Shop-Up; I'll let you decide which nets the larger haul.

Well, that concludes Vegan MoFo 2013, everybody!  I hope you enjoyed the month and will continue reading.  A (soy) Bean finally has a Facebook page (brand new!), so I'd love if you'd give it a like and stay connected.  If you particularly want to keep in touch with 89, she's on Facebook also!  For those Instagrammers out there, peep her via #dognamed89.  Bottom line: keep in touch, MoFo-ers.


  1. Oh, wow, so much Vegan Treats deliciousness and 89 cuteness; it certainly makes for a great final post for Vegan MoFo! I'm so glad I found your blog this year! :)

  2. Congrats on finishing a great month of posts!

    89 looks so cute in these photos!

    I def saw some fruit on some of those desserts... who are you?

  3. Ditto, Julie; this was the best MoFo so far!

    BYOL, full disclosure: I didn't eat that strawberry-topped donut; it's more VM's style. BUT, I'm all about that jelly donut!

  4. Adorable 89 clips! I would love to eat all of this, especially the donuts (and pretzel donut.) maybe one day I can get to the actual store rather than try their Treats in lesser outposts.
    Really impressed with the sundae... do they add the whip cream when somebody orders it? Can't imagine how it stays not-soggy and in place.

  5. that is an endless post of deliciousness! i would be on a sugar high if i ate more than a few:)

  6. I haven't seen the Chocolate Dipped Cookie, the Cake Truffle or the Strawberry Angel Food Cakes (or of course the soft serve). I hope those items make their way down here. Especially the Cookie.

  7. This is torture of the worst kind. Fading fast. Send treats before I start licking the screen

  8. I wish I'd visited vegan treats before I stopped eating gluten. Do they have any GF treats? If they do, I'll try to get there next time I'm in Philly.

  9. foodfeud- the sundae was the only thing I didn't eat, but the whipped cream was already applied and looking quite sturdy!

    Richa- most of my life is spent on a sugar high!

    Shenandoah Vegan- the cookie is nuts! And the peanut butter version is HUGE.

    Joey- honestly, any non-vegan I've taken to the shop says the same thing: that they've never seen such beautiful desserts anywhere.

    Andrea- yes! At the shop they have an entire row of GF cakes. Not sure how the GF varieties get distributed to restaurants, though.

  10. Happy end of MoFo! I love Vegan Treats but I've still never been to the bakery, next time I'm on the West coast I'm going to have to make it a must-do because everything looks uh-mazing. Also I cannot handle the last pic of '89 - the adorableness is off the charts!

  11. Vegan in Brighton, this MoFo ruled! 89 knows what's up: if I eat ice cream, she eats ice cream. She's on Facebook now!

  12. We must have to go Vegan Treats around the same time! I went a few weeks ago and also had the pumpkin/vanilla swirl soft-serve: sooo incredible. I'm very jealous that you got the salted caramel, though. That's my favorite flavor! I also had that Bavarian cream donut sandwich. How amazing was that cream? It blew my mind. Also, I prefer the naked cannolis. God that cannoli cream is something out of this world.

  13. I was off the treats, since I had about 12 cupcakes leftover after my wedding (my caterer, should have been told "put the lemon out first", I would have preferred more PB mousse) But between this post, and their ice cream flavor fb posts, I suspect a trip will be happening very very soon.

  14. Randi, salted caramel is VM's fave too; it's really good & extra points for being paired with chocolate. OMG that cream, right? it's hard to describe that whole, delicious, donut sandwich. I'm sticking with the chocolate-covered cannolis!

    Melios, Congrats on your wedding! I'm itching to go back myself. Perhaps see you there ;-)


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