Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lula's Sweet Apothecary's Peanut Butter Fudge Chip: YOU ROCK

I can't say it enough; if you're not already familiar with Lula's Sweet Apothecary, get familiar.  If you are already acquainted, why are you home?  Go there!

Lula's consistently maintains the finest service, atmosphere, and product of any establishment I can think of- vegan or otherwise.  Each person that works there is welcoming and friendly to every single customer- from the minute the door opens (yay!) through to when it's time for the shade to be pulled down for the night (boo!). 

My sundaes always draw a lot of attention.  This one, in particular, garnered an encouraging thumbs up from someone enjoying their single scoop cone outside!

Before and after the renovation, the atmosphere at Lula's has remained completely authentic to the original, traditional vision: unique and welcoming- never pretentious.

The ice cream is always outstanding, but the recent flavors have been positively ridonkulous.  Chocolate toffee cookie.  Blackberry cheesecake.  Peanut brittle.  Toffee crunch.  Rosewater Pistachio.  Vanilla caramel cookie.  And that's just to name a very few of the recent, phenomenal additions to the humongous flavor roster I've already enjoyed.  But what's this?  The best flavor yet?  Behold peanut butter fudge chip.

Yes, it's peanut butter... with chocolate ...times-two.  Yes, it's amazing. Yes, the extremely fine folks at Lula's thought of me when they made this decadent flavor.  Yes, it's called "Abby Bean".  Yes, THEY RULE.

This flavor is even better than it sounds/I imagined/you can possible realize.  It's not only decadent, chocolatey peanut-butteryness, but also- an entire sundae in a scoop!  Pure, unadulterated peanut butter ice cream with a generous swirl of chocolate fudge, filled with the satisfying bite of mini chocolate chips (which, of course, are infinitely superior to maxis); this is your opportunity to enjoy a veritable sundae on a cone.  Unless, of course, you want a sundae in a sundae- in which case, have at it.  Who am I to argue?  You have outdone yourself with this one, Lula's!

And, if the ice cream isn't enough to tide you over till the next day your next visit, there are always special treats available for you to take home from Sweet & Sara, Rescue Chocolate, Go Max Go, Vegetable Slut, and even Crazy Rumors.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't load up on ice cream, because it's seriously the best there is.

A proud and talented employee poses with VM's orange creamsicle and drumstick sundae with marshmallow, candied pecans, whipped cream, and a cherry.

The purpose of this blog is, simply, to call it like I see it.  If I have a bad experience, it could have happened to anyone; so, I share.  If I have a good experience, you best bet there will be a million more blogposts as long as the standard is kept up.  Lula's has not only "kept it up", but has consistently knocked it out of the park.

If you're hungry for an exquisite dessert served stylishly by a genuinely pleasant staff, go to Lula's.  If you're a business-person, use them as your model.  If you're Lula's, don't ever change.


  1. I love Lula's! And your blog.

  2. Do. Want. *lip quiver*

    I neeeed to visit you. IT IS DIRE.

  3. Abby,

    I'm about to leave and head to Lula's. You really got me in the mood for ice cream! Cute post!

  4. Thanks so much, Emily.

    Melissa, we'd have so much fun! I do have a no running rule, though. Except towards ice cream (as previously discussed).

    MVG, so jealous!

  5. Ha! I'm proud and talented!

    Although personally I think you've understated the quality of service that Lula's offers!

  6. I've never had a disappointing experience at Lula's. They are indeed consistently amazing :)


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