Thursday, October 22, 2009

Karma Road Cafe

The first time I visited the Karma Road Café in New Paltz I wasn’t all that impressed: thus, no post. Thankfully, I went a second time (on the way to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary) and was proven wrong, wrong, wrong. So wrong, in fact, that my companion gave me the stink-eye and telepathically called me a liar. Repeatedly.

The server was cheerful and welcoming, immediately offering us generous tastes of their soup of the day: pumpkin. It was delicious: just the right thickness and with actual pumpkin chunks. But we’d just dropped by for a quick snack, so we had neither the soup nor the tempeh reuben that caught my eye on the menuboard. Instead, we went for the goodies (natch).

First up was the fresh baked pumpkin chocolate chip cake; no way I was passing that up since we’re halfway through fall and I seem to keep missing Vegan Treats pumpkin ice cream days (damn you, vanilla). It was sinfully moist and delicious with a perfect balance of the pumpkin flavor to the chocolate. Next was the blueberry chocolate chip muffin. While not nearly as moist or flavorful as the cake, you have to acknowledge the fine bakers at Karma Road for understanding that it is a rare recipe that can’t be improved by the addition of chocolate chips. Finally, two chocolate chip walnut biscotti (noticing a theme?). Not only were these biscotti much more crunchy than most vegan biscotti (and the one I tried on my first visit), but they happily emptied half of the jar so that I could make an informed decision, i.e., choose the ones with the most chocolate chips. Now how can you help but love that?

BONUS: 5% off for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary members. Stop by on your way to or from, and leave some time to check out the shops across the street.

Apologies for the lack of pictures but the goods went pretty quickly.

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