Friday, October 30, 2009

Vegan Mini-Mall, Part III: Scapegoat Tattoo

So, I’d been unsuccessfully scoping out possible tattoo shops for a relatively small but meaningful tattoo. When I planned my trip to Portland it occurred to me that this vegan had business getting a vegan tattoo.

When I went on Scapegoat’s website, I clicked on Ryan Mason first. His canine tattoos had me sold immediately, and I contacted him to make an appointment. Unfortunately, he was not going to be in Portland when I was and was already completely booked for his NY stint. He was super-friendly and helpful, highly recommending the other artists in the shop.

Despite gads of sketches, I travelled to Portland with only one picture of an idea and a concerted effort to quell my expectations that this famed vegan shop would prove to be “the one”. Then, one peek into the as-yet-to-open-for-the-day shop and I knew I had come to the right place.

So, after visiting Food Fight and Herbivore we dipped into Scapegoat. Not only is the space literally expansive, but it is decorated gorgeously. I’ve never seen a tattoo shop this beautiful. We were greeted by a kind, non-judgmental guy who immediately began discussing my tattoo in a most respectful way: not at all patronizing or condescending as some tattoo shops tend to be (I’m talking to you, East Side Ink). He had great suggestions and was very responsive to my feedback. Then he introduced me to the artist, Dylan. If possible, Dylan was even more agreeable and collaborative: easily deferring to me as the person instead of him as the capital A artist. The whole process was effortless. Dylan even had me laughing about eating/not eating cheese amidst the buzzing. Dylan, if you’re reading this I hope you’ve since tried Daiya and you love it.

The tattoo came out even better than I had imagined and it was one of my favorite experiences in Portland. On our second to last night we ran into the friendly gentleman from the front desk (I’m such a loser that I don’t remember his name) at Blossoming Lotus Irvington. He was just as kind, and even genuinely interested in how the tattoo had turned out and was healing.

Scapegoat is a class act; thanks guys.

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