Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cotton Candy ICE CREAM

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw cotton candy ice cream on the flavor list at Lula's the other day.  You see, they have proven themselves to me; there is no need to taste any ice cream flavor before buying it because I trust them implicitly; they have never let me down.  But cotton candy?  Not possible, I thought, even though if anyone can do it they can.  So I did what I never do: asked for a taste.  It was no less than I could have expected: perfectly authentic, sweet, cotton-candy-y... and then it was like I was punched in the face with a memory.  The ice cream somehow managed to leave me with the oddly enjoyable, slightly cotton-mouth sensation you get from eating actual cotton candy: in the best possible way.  How did they do that!?  Whether it's science or magic, or my mind playing tricks on me, it is sensational.

I was afraid that, much like actual cotton candy, there would be a consumption limit: thus the small portion choice.  Lesson learned; I could eat it by the truckload!

The NEXT day I wondered if it wouldn't make a good sundae ingredient because it's such a specific taste.  But I couldn't resist including it and I was glad I did.  My sundae: rocky road (with big, honking Sweet & Sara marshies!), drumstick (aka chicken leg), and more COTTON CANDY!  Topped with hot fudge, Sweet & Sara graham cracker bits, whipped cream, and a cherry: swoon!

VM went with a weenier sundae of only two scoops: rocky road and drumstick (I finished the cotton candy!) with marshmallow, graham bits, whipped cream and a cherry.  Not sure where her small stomach capacity came from, but it can be an embarrassment.

Unpictured is my second course: a fanstastical chocolate chocolate chip shake, which was deliriously thick and garnished with a few chips for good measure.  Thank you, Luke!

And looky what I've got:

Oh, one more thing.  Just because Lula's takeout spoons are biodegradable doesn't mean they are dishwasher safe ;-) It still works for shoveling ice cream into your mouth, though.

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  1. I wish there was a way I could trade you a Cinnaholic roll for a Lula's sundae.


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