Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Champs Bakery, Take Two

After descending upon them with my awesome sweet tooth on their very first day, I was anxious to return to Champs only three weeks later, having been tempted by the promise of even more exciting treats to come.

I was surprised to find that there still weren't any tables or chairs set up, and the decoration hadn't made much progress.  There was a larger and more varied assortment of goodies, but none of the items I was hoping for such as bread goods (croissants!), black and whites, and rainbow cookies.  In their defense, because of my fruit/dessert aversion I passed on a majority of the day's offerings because there seemed to be an inordinate amount of fruity goods: scones, muffins, danishes, etc., which simply are not my individual cup of tea.

vegan friends: the best kind
I brought home a bunch of pignoli cookies, which were covered in nuts just the way I like them.

Last time there was only a sprinkle, so this was a great improvement on an otherwise already delicious cookie.

Of course I had to try the chocolate chip cake balls: giant, dense, glazed munchkins of sorts.

Fantastic, but I suggest that you eat these right away because the sweet, icy, glaze turns the ball quite mushy in the fridge.  This is particularly grand if you're a cookie dough lover, but I preferred them as fresh cake: tasting like an upscale donut hole/tiny cake. 

Look at the incredibly huge chocolate chips lurking throughout!

Finally, I could not pass up the iced sugar cookie shaped like a crown.   They also had a tooth but, um, yeah; I went with the crown.

 These tasted almost exactly like my scrumptious dinosaur sugar cookie from the bakesale; I swooned.  That's what I'm talking about, Champs; things like this truly support a mission of being an authentic, [vegan] Brooklyn bakery.

The consensus among NY vegans seems to be that there's somewhat of a standoff as they wait for Champs to kick things up a notch.  While I agree that I've expected "more" both times I've visited, I can't say that I have been disappointed in anything I've chosen.  But Champs, please do bring it on; we're ready.  And, in the meantime I'll be buying the pignolis, sugar cookies, and chocolate chocolate chip scones by the truckload.

Btw, have you tried their cake?


  1. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I'm glad you found a vegan bakery that caters to yours so well! The more vegan bakeries, the better, leaving no excuses for people not to be vegan.

  2. have they started serving ice cream sandwiches yet? when I visited about a month ago they told me they were planning to, but maybe now that summer is almost over they are holding off until next year...

  3. Hi Andrea, I say, "Vegan bakeries on every corner!"

    Hi Ali, now that you mention it, I do vaguely remember hearing Evan (the baker behind the counter www.bjorkedoff.blogspot.com) say something about ice cream...but the truth is that my ice cream tummy belongs solely to Lula's!

  4. Everything looks really good, wonder what the hold up is though to get the business set up properly or at least finished.

  5. Hi MC,
    Not sure. They definitely have the chops. I'm guessing it's just a huge undertaking to go from one business to two (Boneshakers). I'm wishing them the best!


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