Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gratuitous Pictures of a Squirrel Eating My Lunch

Ever since I shared my peanut butter white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with the neighborhood squirrels, one in particular has taken to waiting for me outside the entrance to my building at lunch time, following me, and striking the international "please feed me" posture when he gets my attention stalking me.  Because it's difficult to resist feeding small creatures, I usually comply. 

Today I went one better, as I was prepared with peanuts in one hand and my camera in the other; the pause in my stride enough to immediately alert the squirrel of my impending intention.  So, tapping my foot continuously in order to prevent said anxious squirrel from crawling up my leg, I removed a peanut from my container, closed the lid, and dropped it into my pocket.  Then I tossed the nut midway between the squirrel and my foot, and slowly took a step back.

For those of you who are wondering, it then takes exactly the same amount of time for me to crouch down and capture one photo as it does for a normal sized squirrel to consume 1/2 peanut.  This is an important equation to note, as at this point it is necessary to emphatically jump up, lest the excited squirrel follow the container of peanuts into your pocket.

You may repeat the process infinitely, as your lunch hour will come to an end long before the squirrel's appetite is satiated.


  1. Yes this is cute, but I advise not doing such things with real wildlife such as bears... It's really not funny to give Yogi Bear your picnic basket.

  2. One never knows; perhaps a bear, too, would appreciate snack sharing.


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