Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Traditional (Vegan) Valentine's Day Chocolates

Regardless of how many other treats are involved, Valentine's Day wouldn't be Valentine's Day without Rose City Chocolates, and this Valentine's Day was no exception. 

If you're not already familiar, introduce yourself; these sweet treats are as authentic as Valentine's chocolates come.  They are fairly priced and the people from the company are extremely addition to being vegan friendly.  They have a huge following and are always adding new flavors to the vegan options- of which there are many.  As a new vegan over a decade ago, I remember how thrilling it was to receive such a traditional treat: veganized; it never gets old. 

Pre-selected assortments are available from their website (all year long!), but if picking and choosing is more your speed, contact Bobby's in Boonton, NJ.  My absolute favorites are anything hazelnut (there are a lot; try them all), the adorable peanut-shaped peanut butter cream, and the Irish cream barrel.

Always a pleasure, Rose City!


  1. Abby, they look good! Remind me to put in an order next year.

  2. david-why wait til next vday?! order now!

  3. I'm going to go with Ariela on this one.

  4. I really want to try the peanut shaped one. Sounds awesome!


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