Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rose City Chocolate Store Closes; Another Door Opens Across the Street (or something like that)

I was about to take a drive up to the Rose City Chocolates retail store in Boonton, NJ the other day when it occurred to me to check the hours.  I called the 800 number and the woman I reached on the other end was in West Virginia!  It turns out that the Boonton store has closed.  Thankfully you can still order all of their delectable vegan chocolates online (phew!), but there's something to be said about walking in and picking them out on a whim.  Luckily, Bobby's Main Street News (across the street from the former Rose City location) has decided to carry the treats!

As you can see, there are plenty of chocolates to choose from: about half of this spread is vegan, if not more.  Everything is clearly marked, but Bobby is super-prepared for wary vegans: with ingredient lists at the ready.  You can mix and match a bag full or a box (for a gift or if you're feeling fancy) and he promises there will be even more varieties available once cooler temperatures are on our side.  And by "our" I mean chocolate (obviously).  Also, the lady from the company tells me they are working on developing even more vegan flavors.  To that I say, "Hurray!", and, "Caramel, please!"

Thanks to Rose City for existing, and now also to Bobby (that's him in the personalized shirt): for carrying on the vegan representation in Boonton! Bobby, I was too overwhelmed with chocolate when I was in I forgot to tell you that my faves are the hazelnut crisp and the santiago hazelnut crunch; you should add them to your stock because they are incredible and I can eat my weight in them.

Oh, and check out this bumper sticker I picked up while I was there; see how cool Bobby is? Go now!

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  1. Thanks! I'm so glad that you found us. I've just placed another order for your favorite vegan chocolates! We're at 521 Main Street in Boonton, NJ right next to the Post Office. We also carry a selection of vegan magazines and books. Stop in and see us again soon! - Bobby


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