Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Abby Christmas

Not only was it 89's first Christmas, but it was also the first one in my new home.  The plans for the day were made last minute, but everything came together- with time even for a nap.  Breakfast was at my house:

I'd roasted the spaghetti squash the night before, and it served in place of hash browns. 



For some reason it was a little bland, so I added Bragg's and (extremely roughly chopped) tomatoes.

The tofu scramble contained red and green bell pepper, red onion, cremini mushrooms, potato, and cheddar Daiya.

I'm really glad there are leftovers.

Breakfast dessert was more cookies.

Dinner was at my parents' house: fusilli with VM's homemade sauce and eggplant rollatini (unpictured- gah!).

And, in keeping with the Italian theme, there were chocolate dipped cannolis from Vegan Treats for dessert.   

Ok, there was more from Vegan Treats:

Who can resist?  

 Chocolate chip cheesecake on-a-stick:  

Chocolate hazelnut cake:

Yes, that's a golden hazelnut atop:

And Death by Chocolate:

My haul:  

Although it was 89's first Christmas, it didn't take her long to get into the swing of things.

She destroyed her toys almost as fast as she opened them.

These poses, of course, on the heels of not having been very cooperative with Santa. 

Who is this man and why is he so jolly?
But, the truth is out there:
Hope your holidays were grand.  

Two more celebrations to get through: New Year's and VM's birthday!


  1. happy holidays to you and lil' 89!

  2. You should just forget the main course and eat the vegan treats. You can eat the mains the next day as leftovers when they taste better anyway.

    I like 89's efficient method of destroying her toys — reminds me of my dog Starr. He was a destroyer of the highest order. Where does 89 get all her outfits?

    Happy holidays!

  3. The spaghetti squash and tofu scram look so, so good! Breakfast is always the most fun meal of the day anyway.
    Those cannolis don't look half bad either.
    Abby Holidays to you!

  4. Thanks, BYOL!

    Andrea- even I have my rules! The outfits 89 is sporting in this particular post are both from HomeGoods. Please note that the elfin costume also has a hat with elfin ears, but that doesn't go over terribly well and it's not in the Christmas spirit to make your dog mad- especially if they look as much in the photo. Happy holidays to your whole family- especially Callie!

    foodfeud- every once in a while I pull together something semi-healthy, but it can never compare to the goodies. Those particular cannolis were AMAZING! Hope your holidays were grand!

  5. Abby,

    It looks like you had a very wonderful holiday with your family. 89 looks extra cute chewing her gifts open.


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