Monday, July 15, 2013


Today is our 89iversary, so I thought we'd talk about cookies.  89 loves cookies; just like me.

89's arrival (last year!) prompted a slew of welcoming gifts from friends, many of which were cookies (!).  Who knew there were so many vegan options available?  Well, I actually did.  But it's interesting how many people are surprised to learn that there's a large assortment of vegan treat options for dogs, in addition to food and bones.  Please do note, though, that many of these products are vegan offerings from a line of non-vegan treats, so always read the labels.

We started off with Wet Noses' sweet potato Little Stars.

Since she had to go through a food transition first, I stockpiled her gift cookies in the pantry (for a little dog, her stuff takes up a lot of room in there) and stuck with these for a while.


When she got a little bigger (mainly her ears; they're enormous!) I decided to switch her to Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits' veggie flavor Itty Bitty cookies for her everyday (about ten times a day) treat.

These are bigger, but also thinner and easier to bite; I don't know if it's the size or the taste, but she seems to like these better (although I still give her the stars from time to time).

The first cookies I gave her for dessert were these awesome-smelling mixed berry (cranberry, blueberry, and cherry) health bone biscuits from Omega Paw, gifted from a pal with extremely good taste.


They really did smell like all of the fruit pictured on the package and, while they were crunchy, they were still easy to break (more on that later).

A non-vegan co-worker gave us these Bandit's Biscuits veggie snaps that she'd found at a local pet supply store.  Unfortunately, they smelled stale when I opened them, so I contacted the company.

They kindly sent a fresh batch and I'm glad they did.  The replacement cookies arrived looking and smelling like a just-baked vegetable biscuit.  89 ate as many as she could before they too passed their (unadvertised) shelf-life.  I recommend them, but make sure you feed them to your pooch relatively fast.  No preservatives! 

The Old Mother Hubbard line can be found at your larger, chain, pet supply stores and it's great that there's a vegan option so readily available.

They're pretty thick, so- as always, be mindful of your dog's chewing habits.  If they have chewing habits.  For some reason, 89 needs her cookies pre-broken for her.  Really!  If I give her an entire biscuit she'll walk around with it in her mouth, crying, until I can't take it anymore and physically remove the soggy thing.  And, for the record, I'd much prefer to pre-break them when they're crisp, as opposed to retrieving them when they're soggy with saliva.  Is this weird?  Does anyone else know a dog like this?  It's a pattern.

"I eat plants" (ed. note: not really!  Plants can be toxic!)
Odd girl.

I love her more every day (and feed her lots of these cookies from Bocce's Bakery, her favorite).

If you can provide a safe and loving home to an animal, please identify a rescue organization and adopt; it will change two lives.

Happy 89iversary, Agent 89!! xoxo


  1. aw! I love this post!!! She is so adorable! I hope to see her and you soon!

    And Abby, only you would adopt a dog as peculiar and particular as you are!

    much love to both of you!

  2. Ha! Thanks, BYOL! Couldn't have put it better myself.

  3. D'aw! Happy 89iversary. She's a lucky little girl.
    Kinda jealous that dogs can thrive on a vegan diet whereas I still have to dump meaty things onto Haxan's plate but I will always be a cat lady, so I just gotta love her for what she is, and keep loving other animals for what they are (i.e. NOT FOOD)

  4. Happy 89iversary to you both. So many treat choices? Are they all available locally? Maybe I haven't looked hard enough to find interesting selections, but Callie has rejected just about all of the treats I've given her. We have one that she'll accept some of the time. She's odd in that she's not very motivated by food. My other dogs would watch intently as I cooked in case something dropped, but I have to bring her over to retrieve a fallen carrot slice or piece of broccoli. Maybe some day I'll discover a treat she finds exciting.

  5. byw, Callie is on today as the "this animal on this day" feature. You should send in a photo of 89.

  6. foodfeud: Thanks! When I used to read VegNews there was always an advert for; no go? I don't know anything about cats; they tend to hiss at me and that's the extent of our interaction. Not Food!

    Andrea: I think just the Bandits are a local treat; all others should be national (Bocce's is local to Brooklyn, but available online). I could learn alot from Callie's disinterest in snacking; I hope she finds one she loves soon. LOVE that pic of Callie; she looks so chic.


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