Saturday, February 15, 2014

Obligatory Vegan Valentine's Day Post

The only thing I like better than dessert is themed dessert.

Valentine's Day isn't particularly spectacular to me in any way (in fact, I really get a kick out of these anti kinds-of-things) aside from my innate appreciation that February is essentially chocolate month...much like Halloween is candy month, and I make out better and better every year.

So, a rundown of my heart-shaped indulgences of late: in order of appearance.


For starters, there were the Surf Sweets fruity hearts.  While not chocolate, their innate heartness really won me over and I've yet to utilize them for well-deserved decoration because I just keeping eating them right out of the bag.  Okay, I finished the first bag and bought another; now you know.

Next up was a Valentine's sprinkled donut from Vegan Treats Bakery; I assure you not one additional sprinkle could have fit atop.

Alright, I had a Boston Creme donut too.  It wasn't Valentine's-themed, but it technically wasn't Valentine's Day yet.  Yep, I started early.

Also, not one, but two Valentine's heart cookies from Vegan Treats (neither of which were actually consumed by 89).

In keeping with the theme, next up was some Vegan Treats' chocolate swag.

More stalking.


Inside those beautifully wrapped packages: swiss chocolate covered peanut butter cookie stix!


89 received plenty of treats of her own, along with some V-day swag.  From me: a donut frisbee and a "pooch smooch."

And another heart and elephant (which she immediately mauled) from my parents.

But wait, there's more.  I came home to quite a bit of V-day swag myself.  Here's 89 trying to climb on the table to investigate.  This is a new trick!

I figured I'd get a shot before I told her it was WRONG to climb on the table.

Better lighting in the kitchen.

89 with her buds (when she wasn't trying to eat them.  She's vegan; she sees greens and she tries to eat them!).

And my sterlings after they'd been de-breathed.

As for the rest of the goods: more Vegan Treats!  Some of my superb faves: raspberry jelly donut, sprinkle donut, chocolate-encased angel's food cake donut, peanut butter-filled chocolate-dipped chocolate cookie, cowboy cookie, heart sugar cookie.

Also some speculoos cups:

And finally, Rose City Chocolates

vegan assortment!

Believe me when I tell you I just can't bring myself to open this box yet because A) I am stuffed, and B) it will be a race to the bottom of the box.

[UPDATE 2/17/14: it's open and going fast]

Valentine's candy- just like any other candy, can come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes it's simply a matter of separating the good from the bad and the ugly.  Hope yours was sweet.


  1. Oh, 89's big, pleading eyes nearly broke my heart! Glad she got her own treats - but good luck keeping her off the table.

  2. That seems like a pretty nice haul for someone who isn't that interested in Valentine's Day!!!
    That sprinkled doughnut was so unbelievably good.

  3. I'm with Susan, you really made out! I got an apple :) and bought myself some chocolate. The Boston creme donut looks fantaaaaastic. Happy Chocolate month!

  4. What would have happened if you were actually into Valentine's Day?

  5. there are simply no words... happy vday (of course we all know the only holiday in February is 2 days before the 14th! ;)

  6. Linda- It would seem that she's only interested in scaling the table when there's something on it and no one sitting there, so I'm safe! It was pretty awesome to watch her own version of parkour ;-)

    susan- I guess I'm not interested in the romance, just the sweets! Agreed about the donut. That was the first thing I ever ate from VT and it continues to be a fave no matter how many great new things they add to the menu.

    foodfeud- an apple? That's blasphemy! VT's Boston creme are amaaaaazing. And this one was particularly bursting with creme.

    The Shenandoah Vegan- jewels?

    BYOL- jealous!! Happy day, Abe.

  7. Nice. What a haul! I didn't get any chocolates, but Dan brought me home two pints (4 flavors!) of ice cream from the Ice Cream Shop Formerly Known as Lula's. Not too bad...

  8. If being non-valentines compatible means you get loads of huge awesome looking donuts, I'm in. Down with all that nonsense!

  9. I <3 Surf Sweets candies…I’m not a huge fan of V-Day either, but I love the way they look and taste - adorable, pink/rosy/red/white, and just cute! It's like another Halloween holiday filled with lovely candies and sweets! Darn, that chocolate-covered peanut butter cookie stix is a must to try!

  10. OMG!! I want to eat everything in this entire post! I might have to make myself some sprinkle covered doughnuts RIGHT NOW! I also wish the twix's could have been shipped to the UK...maybe that's something else I need to try my hand at making...

  11. MollyG, 4 pints of TBICSITU is a great haul!

    Joey, right? Next year I'm going to downright protest.

    veganmiam, agree completely., it was quite a gluttonous binge now that I'm out of my sugar-induced haze!

  12. whoa DUDE. You got some serious valentines day swag in this post!! candies! baked goods! chocolates! flowers! cutest little doggie eyes ever!! How can you stand it?? So much glory. <3


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