Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Almost Homemade Falafel

I know falafel is generally vegan by default, but how exciting is it to find this at Costco?  Look how big the word "Vegan" is!  (The company, Meal Mart, has a line of vegan items in addition to their non-vegan offerings.)  You have the option of baking the pre-cooked falafel balls in the oven or frying them on the stovetop; I chose the less messy, healthier, and significantly easier baking method.

I wanted to make an epic sandwich, so in addition to slicing* the onions & tomatoes, shredding the lettuce, splitting the pita, and grabbing the hot sauce, I decided to make my own tahini sauce!

I added 1 tbsp of evoo and 1 tbsp of water to thin it out a bit, and the finished recipe made enough to generously douse three giant sandwiches.

And then it was time for the assembly.  Oooh:


Oh.  No more. 

Although it seems unnecessarily time consuming to make something at home that you can buy for a couple of dollars on the street, there was immeasurable satisfaction in the fresh, non-greasy, "home"made version you see here.  And, no deep-fried stomach-ache either.  Highly recommend!

* Be very careful when using a mandoline; the safety guard can slip!


  1. Looks good. I just had a falafel sandwich the other day and it was yum. (the deep fried stomach-ache kind minus the stomach-ache)

    Those mandolines are tricky, but I can tell you from personal experience they usually only slip once. :]

  2. I have these in my freezer too! costco never ceases to amaze me with its offerings.


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