Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Cookie Inside a Cookie

Someone recently shared this crazy cookie recipe with me; can you guess what it is?

It all starts with an Oreo.  Or, if you prefer (I did), a Newman O.

Top it with a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough.  I simply veganized the recipe that was given to me, adding 1/2 cup of flour because, without it, my dough was runny.

I don't know much enough about baking to know if any cookie recipe would work; as far as I'm concerned, these particular measurements could have been scientifically tested for optimum sandwich cookie encasement and I didn't want to risk failure.

Bottom it with another scoop of dough. 

Now comes the fancy part: smoosh it between your palms and seal the edges.  Once you've made a couple you'll get a rhythm going.

Learn from my gluttony mistake:
I would suggest using smaller scoops, i.e. less dough, than you think you'll need.  My first batch of cookies turned out rather tremendous.  The recipe claims to yield 2 dozen cookies, so when only 8 of mine fit on the baking sheet, I wondered if something was amiss.

When I noticed that there was only about 1/3 of the dough left and no way to eek 16 additional cookies out of it, I grew concerned.

As the cookies baked and grew into ginormous mountains, I finally conceded that I had over-doughed.

But, luckily, they still cooked to perfection (after 30 minutes).

I practiced some restraint and the second batch was truer to recommended size.

And before I knew it, all 15 were gone. 

Since I had half a package of Newman O's left and couldn't think of a better way to use them, I tackled the recipe again.  I even fancified my chippage: using dark and white to Oreo-fy the decoration.  Madness, I tell you; complete, utter, I've-been-trying-to-get-rid-of-these-tasteless-white-chocolate-chips-for-months madness.

Note: the cookie is totally different if you eat it warm, right out of the oven vs. room temperature, the day after.  If you find you prefer it warm, simply microwave the cookie for ~20 seconds; the chips and the inner cookie will become melty.

Who would ever suspect that this:

contains this:

Moreover, how can I add another cookie to the mix?  Because really, shouldn't it be a cookie inside a cookie, inside a cookie?


  1. DANG! Are you sure you don't have leftovers to send me????

  2. What the what?! I need to eat these... I love baked goods with a surprise element built in

  3. Pecan, I agree. I think that these would be an amazing treat for our next 5 mile walking marathon of the city!!!

  4. Okay, so I used my own cookie reciepe, but these are phenomenal! Thanks for the inspiration!


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