Monday, April 18, 2011

The Festive Meal: Vegan Matzoh Ball Soup, Vegan Kugel, Vegan Cutlets!

In my multi-denominational family we follow tradition more than religion.  And, over the years, our Passover Seder has become more of a Jewish-themed meal in homage to our ancestors, rather than an actual kosher-for-Passover celebration.

It all starts off with some light reading and a delicious charoseth.

Next up: the infamous soup.  It's well-known that VM makes the best vegan matzoh ball soup in town.  On this night, she chose not to strain the flavorful vegetables out of her homemade stock: instead leaving in the finely cubed potatoes, carrots, parsnips, celery, onions, and scallions.  Not a matzoh ball enthusiast herself, I suspect this was because she has tired of plain broth; but, she claims she was merely inspired by her last foray into the soup world.

The secret to light & fluffy matzoh balls?  VEGANIZE THEM!
Not suprisingly, VM's kugel- what we call "noodle pudding"- is a sweet one, and the only one for me.  I grew up on this kugel and no other can begin to compare.  Don't bother looking for a recipe; she'll never share.  I've "seen" her make this kugel countless times; but, in addition to her claim that she doesn't use exact measurements, I have the sneaking suspicion that she throws in secret ingredients while I'm not looking.

This year we decided to veganize the chicken cutlets that usually make an appearance at the table.  We aren't big fans of mock meat, so, instead, we jointly created the famous chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon (p. 133).  You just can't beat a crispy, cruelty-free cutlet with apple sauce.

VM might not like to cook and she might not do it often, but I appreciate when she does because she knows exactly how I like things the best and always outdoes herself

She's a tough act to follow, but I managed to handle our holiday dessert all by myself: Sweet & Sara's toasted coconut covered marshmallows.  Simple, yet extraordinary.

So, happy Passover.  And, to all you peeps with extra matzoh in your pantry (you know who you are with the free, 5lb box from the supermarket), go make yourself some matzoh brei!


  1. Abby, you win.

    I can't believe my eyes or belly. Everything about your passover dinner looks truly amazing and delicious. I have only 4 more questions for you...

  2. So, are those real vegan matzoh balls? If they are, you MUST share the recipe. The vegan matzoh balls I made last year didn't work this time, and I'm looking for a new one.

  3. I feel like I've seen that desert somewhere? IS Ms. Bean stealing recipe ideas? Looks delicious! Now Quintessence. Pass my congratulations to VM (smooch, smooch)

  4. Boy Andrea, VegNews has everyone on edge, don't they? Of course they are real vegan matzoh balls! I'm not sure if you thought they were non-vegan or wax ;-) I will see if I can get VM to part with the recipe for you; they are phenomenal. After all, she does enjoy your roasted chickpeas...

    Anthony, I can't take the credit; the marshies are all Sweet & Sara. I'd share but I'm double kiss-less.

  5. Beg her, please. I was being sarcastic, of course. I didn't think you'd say they were vegan if they weren't. Only VegNews would do that. (They won't do that any more, though, so everything is OK now.)


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