Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vegan MoFo 2012, Powerless Against Halloween

Hi all, so sorry to have missed MoFo-ing yesterday; I hope my Halloween party post was able to tide you over.  As you might have heard, the east coast is suffering the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  It's hard to photograph meals made by flashlight- even though they are pretty inventive given that they're prepared on the basis of what will spoil first, but I did pretty well considering.  I'm sure I'll re-create the better ones eventually; PB&J on crackers I'll leave to your imagination.

In any event, I'm currently at my parents house because they've had their power back for almost a day already and charging my phone in the car was getting awfully expensive (also, it's pretty creepy sitting in the driveway and not going anywhere).  I have other things to do while I'm here- visit, eat warm foods, bask in the artificial light, so this will be brief.  I just wanted to make sure 89 and I properly wished everyone a Happy MoFo Halloween!

For all of you who were affected by Sandy, I hope you recover soon.  Thankfully I fared well, but my neighbors not so much.  On the bright side, no one was hurt and the removal of the tree entertained the whole neighborhood yesterday!


So again, Happy Halloween.  If you live in a town where Halloween has been postponed (seriously; next we're going to postpone Christmas if it's not snowing), remember to mark your candy!

For all of you assuming 89 has been better behaved in light of the storm, think again.  Here she is with her plumage down, shooting me a stinky side-eye.

And looky what happened to her headpiece after she'd sucked on it running from me around the house.  Little did she know I was prepared with plenty of extras!!

Have a great one;

see you next MoFo and, of course, all year until!


  1. she is so cute! Glad both of you are well!

    ps- I hope no peacocks were harmed in the making of 89s costume ;)

  2. I'm so glad you're okay... what a crazy intense storm! Also glad you have your parents' house as a get away. I love the doggie peacock costume. That is awesome - especially the headpiece! :)

  3. I was thinking about you yesterday and am happy to hear you are okay. Hopefully things will normalize soon enough.

    Those are the sweetest photographs of 89!!! Dog stink eye is the best. :)

  4. Hope you get your power back soon and glad you and 89 are both OK.

  5. BYOL, aka vegan police: rest assured- fake feathers/fake peacock.

    Amy- The secret is velcro!

    tahinitoo- there isn't anyone I'd rather have the stinkeye from ;-)

    Andrea- Still no power (trekked to my parents' house again), but I've got my fingers crossed. Luckily, 89's body is a veritable heater.

  6. That poor dog... just kidding. She looks really cute.

    The tree pictures are pretty intense. At least the neighborhood was able to come together to be entertained by its removal.

    I hope your power is back by now. Take care.


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