Monday, October 22, 2012

Vegan MoFo 2012, Sprig & Vine Dine

The weather this weekend was beautiful, so VM and I took 89 to Sprig & Vine for lunch for the first time!

suck it, Blossom!
Our favorite waitress Jackie wasn't working, but both the host and our waitress, Katie, were absolutely superb and made our delicious experience even more enjoyable (I can't say the same about the nuisance yellow-jacket that plagued us throughout the meal).

We like to order our appetizers tapas style (Bean translation: an excuse for multiple plates) and we settled on three.  Well, what do you know?  Sprig & Vine now has their very own pea cake to add to the fray.  Bring it on!  Zucchini and black eyed pea griddle cakes: with spicy corn remoulade.  OUTSTANDING!

Also, pickled local vegetables: rainbow carrot, dragon tongue bean, ramps, cauliflower, hakurei turnip, cabbage, french breakfast radish, fennel.  This was one of those times where VM said she wasn't really into the idea and then completely loved it.  Pink-hued, these moderately tart, crisp veggies weren't your mama's (certainly not my mama's) jarred, pickled veggies.

Finally, the kennebec potato wedges: with grain mustard aioli (you know you order something a lot when you don't have to look up the menu description in order to type it up on the blog).  Note: this technically doesn't count as an appetizer since it's a side; I just prefer it before my sandwich rather than with it.

And, for lunch, we did it again- both ordered the outstanding Vietnamese cauliflower banh mi: with pickled carrot, jalapeño, shredded lettuce, cilantro (mine sans the evil weed), mint, and lemongrass aioli.  Never disappoints!

And what do you know- another dog enjoying the outdoor dining.  Not an original concept, Blossom!

Nice to have met you, Cocoa. (not sure if those are all 89 feet, or if one is an ear)
Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, Sprig & Vine!  Your entire staff could not have been more pleasant to all three of us and we truly appreciate it.


  1. What did 89 order? The banh mi sounds delicious - I love that they make it with cauliflower!
    Pickled vegetables sound great and I probably would be into the idea until they came out pink tinted! Eek.

  2. foodfeud- I assumed red wine vinegar?

  3. Everything looks delicious — even 89. I can't remember but have you ever tried to re-create the pea-cakes? What is in them — black-eyed-peas and ...?

  4. Andrea, I've thought about trying to recreate the Blossom's pea cakes (potatoes, black-eyed peas, onions), but never have. These had visible zucchini and peas but that was the extent of what I could discern. Did you re-check the giveaway post yet? Last paragraph!

  5. Ooooh, those potato wedges look awesome! And, I am a cilantro hater too!!! It completely destroys a meal for me. Let's work together to rid it from our planet.

  6. Wow, I'm stunned! And thrilled! I thought your original decision, which was of course unfair, and didn't acknowledge the fact that I spent hours searching for the sticker on your ... pocket, was final. :D

    So what is the technically correct answer? Barbara is as sweet as her baked goods. I wish I lived closer to NYC so I could indulge in the bakery more often.

  7. Andrea, Certainly not unfair- we just had to go to the judges!

    Barbara posted a link to the answer in the comments of the original giveaway blog...

    And keep in mind- Gone Pie is available via mail order all year round!


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