Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Goodies From the Snail Pail (Vegan MoFo 2013)

Okay, okay; I know it.  You know it.  We all know it.  We all know we know itMoFo can become grueling.  When I was a kid, my Jewish grandparents (as opposed to my Catholic grandmother) brought 8 Hanukkah gifts for me when they were visiting for the holidays.  On one night they gave me a little teapot.  The next night they gave me the lid.  I wouldn't call them cheaters and I'll expect the same courtesy from you.  If I wanna post Cinnamon Snail food separately from Cinnamon Snail goodies then I'm going to make like Hanukkah and do it; MoFo gets daunting, people!

Behold the Snail Pail: my portable case for sweet Snail confections

I'm sure I don't need to point out that I lack self control, but it seems like an appropriate disclaimer here.  Some of my most recent goodies from within the illustrious Snail pail are as follows:

This may look like your ordinary rice crispy treat, but- in fact, it is actually a springy, white chocolate macadamia rice crispy treat. VM was swooning!

A s'mores bar made with Sweet & Sara marshies and tons of deliciousness spread atop a shortbread crust (see the caramel pecan turtle bar for decadent reference) was devoured in seconds.  Good thing we I had the forethought to get two!

The eponymous cinnamon snail should never be overlooked.

I'm usually a sucker for the Mexican chocolate donut, but on this day we decided to try the Meyer lemon twist.  Lightly lemony, this donut was a startling replica of the Mr. Donut twists of my Long Island youth.

I've really been wanting to try the toasted pistachio with cardamom glaze (see them being made!); it was as fantastic as it sounds.

A (slightly melty: my bad) totally impressive tiramisu donut!  It had all the good flavors of tiramisu: chocolate, cream, coffee...without the bad: soggy ladyfingers...PLUS, the added benefit of being a donut.

Aaaand, we each washed them down with salted caramel Dutch cocoa coffee.

Just to give you an idea of a typical Snail line at the Red Bank farmer's market.

(the sandwich board belongs to Freezy Freeze)

And 89's emotions while she waits.

"Why do I have to wait in line?"
"Ooh!  It's for the Cinnamon Snail!"
"I'm next!"

Or are those my emotions?


  1. OMG, you are killing me with this Cinnamon Snail post!! I LOVE that you took your own carrier too.

  2. vegan.in.brighton, I use that carrier to store freshly washed kale for the week...or Snail. If there's kale in it when I'm going to the Snail: the kale goes. I at least hope you get to Cookies & Scream now and again. I'm totally in love with them.

  3. I shouldn't be reaading MoFo posts before lunch. I want to eat all of those. I'm not surprised about the lines at Cinnamon Snail after seeing your pics.

  4. Laughing out loud because my family always did the same thing with Chanukah presents! Sometimes you just gotta stretch a little into a lot.

    Also, there are not enough good things to say about the Cinnamon Snail so you go do as many posts as you like! :)

  5. Oh. my. god. I just read all of your Cinnamon Snail posts, and uh, who could really blame you for blogging about that truck so much?! I'm seriously drooling over here, and the WFAS connection is so awesome to hear about, too. I'm definitely going to have to hunt them down soon!

  6. Looks like waiting in that line would be totally worth it for all that goodness. I am drooling over here.

  7. Cinnamon Snail,Cinnamon Snail,Cinnamon Snail,Cinnamon Snail,Cinnamon Snail,Cinnamon Snail,Cinnamon Snail. I think seeing the posts is better than nothing.

  8. luminousvegans- I make the same mistake all the time.

    acookinthemaking- I'm glad you recognized the trend! Good times. Snail, right? Amazing. Thanks for reading!

    Claryn- They really are amazing in every way.

    Sal- It is! Go asap.

    Andrea- I've floated the college tour idea and there's always the cookbook to look forward too..

  9. WOW. That's it, just WOW. I am otherwise speechless.

  10. Time for them to open a brick and mortar shop and start franchising. That donut is incredible.


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